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Anime-inspired Halloween Looks with Anime Contact Lenses

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Anime Contact Lenses has a huge fan following- from all age groups and parts of the world. Because so many people follow this form of visual media, the characters also have a huge fanbase.

Pulling off an anime-inspired Halloween costume on Halloween could be the talk of the town because everyone adores anime shows so much.

Also, you do not even need a lot when it comes to anime Halloween costumes; get the designated character’s dress, the right face makeup or paint, correct footgear, and accessories, and to top it all off, an eccentric pair of anime contact lenses that pull the entire look together.

To many people, contact lenses are a challenging aspect to incorporate in their costumes, not because they are tricky to wear, but because they require a lot of thought when choosing one for your Halloween costume.

Not only do they need to be perfect in terms of colour, type, and measurements, but they must also correct your vision; if need be.

This means you should never buy contact lenses online or off the internet without a proper prescription from your eye doctor.

With that being said, anime contact lenses are the new hype in the Halloween market because of how realistic and sharp they look, giving life to your entire Halloween look and making it as identical as possible to the actual Anime character. 

Do’s and Dont’s of Halloween Anime Contact Lenses that must be kept in mind!

Suppose you are totally unfamiliar with the concept of contact lenses. In that case, you must acquaint yourself with some tips and information that you need to know for Halloween contact lenses.

Here are some do’s and dont’s that will help your contact lenses wearing experience be much more comfortable and smooth.

  • Make sure to put in your contact lenses before you put on your makeup, so it does not get ruined in any way. Also, take them out before removing your makeup as well.
  • Do not wait for anything if your lenses are causing you discomfort; remove them as soon as possible.
  • Keep blinking and resting your eyes for the lens to sit comfortably on your vision.
  • Ensure no sprays such as hair spray, perfume, mosquito spray, or any other aerosol go into your eye because they can hurt your vision.
  • Keep changing your lens solution, and always put the new solution in your lenses, so they do not dry off.
  • Do not drive while wearing crazy Halloween contacts because they can impair your vision and hinder your possibility of viewing clearly.
  • Sleeping with lenses in your eyes is also not a good idea; they can get misaligned and also cause permanent damage to your vision.

Some looks that you can create with anime contact lenses

  • Ymir’s Titan from Attack on Titan

One of the scariest Anime characters is Ymir. If you manage to pull this look off perfectly, you can easily have the most unique and the best Halloween costume.

You will need to use prosthetics to enhance and protrude your eyebrow bones and cheekbones. This will make your face look bony and sharp, just like the Titan itself.

You also need to make a fake wide prosthetic mouth and also paint it. Apply black sclera lenses and also put on a black and rough wig that gives you a messy look.

You will also need to contour your bone structure with dark-coloured contours so your face can look less human. Because the Titan does not wear any clothes, you will need a natural-coloured bodysuit.

You can also cut your bangs to make your hair more realistic and matching to his. All-black scleral lenses go best with this look.

  • Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul

One of the most loved and also easiest to pull off anime characters is Juuzou Suzuya. The things you will need are average face painting skills, red face paint, red scleral anime contact lenses, a blonde wig, and a costume you can pull out from your closet! You will also need red hairpins and put them in your hair in such a way that they say, XIII.

Moreover, for makeup, you will need to glue your eyebrows and hide them with foundation. The next part would be to draw or incorporate 3d stitches on the sides of your lips and the entire neck.

For hair, choose a blonde or white wig that is shoulder length and straightened. You can buy the costume, or put your own clothes together, to make one up.

Get a light pink or white button-down shirt, some black medium-length shorts, and buy the extra costume accessories from eBay, where everything is available!

The red anime contact lenses you will incorporate in this look will be the final nail in the coffin. Not only is this look totally badass, but it will also make you stand out among everyone present at the Halloween party, and that is precisely what you want!


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