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Where You Should and Should Not Wear Your Anime Apparel

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You have an entire closet filled with manga and anime apparel. From branded T-shirts and hoodies purchased from Umai to generic clothing whose origins you’re not quite sure about, almost all your clothing is in some way related to your two favorite Japanese art forms. That’s great. Now, do you wear your anime and manga clothing during every waking hour?

As awesome as that clothing might be, there are times when it is inappropriate. If you were not aware of that, perhaps it’s time for a lesson in fashion. This post will not provide that lesson. However, it will introduce you to the basic concepts of where you should and should not wear your anime and manga apparel. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

You should wear your manga and anime apparel:

Around the House

Of course you should wear this stuff around the house. Home is where you are supposed to be most comfortable. It is where you should be your authentic self, whether anyone else likes it or not. If you have anime apparel and you’re not wearing it around the house, perhaps you’re not a real fan? Just sayin’.

To Work

Assuming your job doesn’t require a specific uniform or formal dress, you should be wearing your anime apparel to work. Your job is where you will spend one-third of your adult life, at least until you finally retire. You might as well take the opportunity to spread the anime and manga message. Maybe you can even encourage your friends to buy your favorite brands.

Out on the Town

Every time you step outside the house represents an opportunity to display your love for Japanese streetwear. Whether it is a night on the town or a day at the beach, anime apparel fits in nicely. Best of all, anime artwork is a great conversation starter. Who knows how many friends you will make bonding over your appreciation of the anime culture?

To Comic Con

If there is one place you absolutely must wear all of your anime and manga apparel it is at the annual Comic Con gathering. Comic Con was made for you! Don’t blow this!

Moving on, you should not wear your manga and anime apparel:

At Formal Events

There are certain events that require more formal dress. Weddings, funerals, and business meetings immediately come to mind. They are not the right setting for casual clothing in general. They are certainly not appropriate settings for your favorite anime and manga characters. Leave your anime apparel in the closet and put on a suit or dress.

To Work

This may seem contradictory (work was already mentioned) but it’s not. Maybe your job is perfect for jeans and T-shirts. But perhaps you have a boss who prefers that you and your coworkers avoid any offensive clothing. Sure, you don’t find anime offensive at all. But there are sensitive people everywhere. If there is even a chance that your anime T-shirts could spark an unpleasant conversation, leave them at home.

To Other Cultural Events

Anime and manga apparel pay homage to Japanese culture. That’s cool. But don’t wear your apparel to events designed to promote other cultures. Have some class. Let those other cultures have their day in the sun. You might even buy a T-shirt or two to show your support.

This post wasn’t intended to be completely serious. There is plenty of room for a bit of lightheartedness here. In the end, feel free to wear your manga and anime apparel wherever you like. Whatever makes you happy and comfortable, go with it.


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