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Angels Are Always There To Guide Us

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The Journey with the Angels gives an interesting look to the topic of angels in general, but with a lot of new information from some amazing sources, and with the biggest shock that the angels not only exist but live here among us.

In the book, Lisa Ulshafer shares her amazing story of how she discovered that she is an angel in human form. Six years after the discovery, he met author David Armstrong, a former air traffic controller, who confirmed this.

With some help from Armstrong, Ulshafer wrote the book to share information he had learned about the role of angels in our lives and the larger picture of human existence and rebirth, including sharing the names of some of the angels known among us. Also Check- paladin names

While I know that some readers will doubt this knowledge, I sincerely believe that the universe is full of mysteries, and that Ulshafer’s explanations about angels are far more complete than what I have read elsewhere. Some of the foremost information he provides includes how to look for signs that angels are cooperating with us and how we can seek their guidance.

Ulshafer’s signs

One of Ulshafer’s signs that he was on the right track in the things he was doing, including writing this book, was when he saw a combination of number 227 throughout his day. Giving evidence in his statement of the constant occurrence of this number in his life, he provided many photographs of when he had seen it appear on clocks, receipts and plates.

These pictures assure us that the angels are guiding us and watching over us. The significance of this number and the others we can see as symbols from angels are explained in more detail in the numerology section of the book.

Another aspect of the book that I especially enjoyed was the discussion of reincarnation, which I believed for a long time. I am also grateful for examples of how our feeling and how it guides us. Ulshafer gives examples of his experiences where emotion led him to revelations in his life, as well as examples of how their feeling protected them from danger.

But most importantly, Ulshafer sets the record straight with the many misconceptions people have about angels. Another misconception that what I found particularly interesting is the following statement:

“Misconception: Fallen angels are angels who have fallen into God ‘s grace because they have incited people to sin .The fallen angels were believed to be responsible for war and disaster on Earth.

“Definition: No fallen angels also known as miqo’te names. They are all loving creatures. We have made ourselves human as we make God human because that is what people do to make sense of what we do not fully understand.”

I strongly believe that there is much we do not understand about the afterlife and the spiritual world that we do not see, but I have always felt that the universe is right and the evil we are taught in various religions is actually caused by human fears rather than supernatural forces, so I am glad to find There were many other statements of the same nature throughout the book that touched me.

Interesting part of the book

Perhaps the most interesting part of the book was read by famous people and historians who say that Ulshafer says that they too were born angels — some of whom still live among us. I will mention just a few of these words so they do not ruin the fun of the students, but I was not surprised to hear that Abraham Lincoln was one of them. I was amazed to find that so many famous artists, including Michael Jackson, had become incarnate angels.

When I read that, I realized that I was judging because Michael Jackson always seemed strange to me, but no one can doubt how he brought joy to millions of people or how he used his fame for many charitable purposes. Finally, I was very interested in the statement that Mikhail Gorbachev is an angel in the form of a man.

He entered the empire for a short time, but brought about the end of the Soviet Union at that time – an amazing act from an unexpected source that would make me feel that there must be divine inspiration behind it. Ulshafer mentions many other famous people who became angels before concluding the story.

Final Words

Like I said, some people will have doubts, but I invite everyone to read the Journey with the Angel with an open mind to see if Ulshafer’s words inspire their hearts. The biggest message in this book is that our lives have a purpose, and when we listen to our emotions, we can remember who we are and find that purpose. I think any student who is willing to listen will be surprised by the results. Most of our doubts are based on fear beyond comprehension however.

Ulshafer invites us to embark on a heroic journey to discover and achieve our goals in life. He concludes the book by giving us tools to help increase our vibrant energy so we are ready for the challenge. I, for one, feel very good at knowing that we live in a kind place where angels are watching us as we take this journey, but if you choose not to, there is always your next body …


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