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An outright guide to why upside time is important

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One of the deciding factors why most businesses opt for web hosting is because they wish for their website to reach the internet. However, we must keep in mind that the website will only serve its intended purpose of reaching out to potential and existing customers if it successfully reaches the internet. It is for this purpose that businesses refer to web hosting companies, like Navicosoft. The web hosting companies, through their servers, make the website go ‘live’, so it can be viewed by the intended audience, for this to be the case if the uptime of the company is closely monitored. Uptime, in simpler terms, is the time when your website is live for the viewers to access.

I shall now move on to why upside time is important, and thus, holds significance for today’s businesses.

The brand image holds utmost value!

First of all, let’s consider the business image. In the corporate world, ‘image’ holds the utmost value for any business. Therefore, all companies strive to provide maximum satisfaction for their customers. If the website goes down now and then, will the customers have a pleasant experience? Most certainly not! So to keep the customers satisfied, it has to be ensured that the website is up for as long as possible. Thus, this factor should be very well kept in mind when opting for any web hosting company. If the business takes the web hosting services of web hosting services as much as 99% of uptime is guaranteed.

Clients are the topmost priority

Clients are the topmost priority for any business, whether big or small. For this reason, to ensure clients are satisfied, maximum efforts are made. If the nature of your business is such that you are sure your clients frequently need to access your website, a maximum uptime has to be ensured at all costs. With a readily available website, your customers are most likely to view the website because positive perception is formed in their minds. If the downtime of the business is a lot, the business will lose out on customers. The availability of competitors, and that too just a click away, highlights the importance of offering maximum uptime to your clients. This is also a decisive factor when taking web hosting services. Web hosting companies, through their expertise, always ensure that maximum uptime is maintained at all times.

We do not want sales to decline.

Moreover, if the website is down, sales would inevitably decline. This is because businesses exist to maximise sales, and hence profits.

If the website goes down, only the business will be at a loss because they would lose out on sales. This loss occurs because if the website goes down during prime hours, all sales that will occur during that time are now lost. Therefore, as most businesses now ensure that they have an online presence, website downtime is directly related to lost sales.

We want search engines to favour us!

Most importantly, the role search engines play for websites is not hidden. With so much effort directed towards being ‘noticed’ by Google, it is imperative to bear in mind that if the website has downtime issues, search engines will most likely not favour the websites due to searches. This would also lead to lost sales, because if the website does not appear upwards in searches, the chances that users view it is consequently less.


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