An informative guide on How to Develop an App like Viber

Viber clone

Viber is an excellent message delivery, which many companies crave to develop. Since the launch of the app in 2010, it became an instant hit in the market and created a new form of texting. Companies nowadays use software similar to Viber or are clones; check here for leading Viber clone present in the market. The app is so successful that there are 1.1 billion Viber users worldwide, and more than 70 million interactions take place every hour on Viber. With the introduction of new technologies, developers introduce a similar app with even more features to improve the features.

Software used for developing instant messaging Apps


This is a higher-level programming language used to develop many top-rated real-time texting apps like Whatsapp, Wechat, and many more. The programming proves complex sometimes.

2. Cassandra

It is a readily available chat app creator with best-in-class scalability and is reliable too. It can be used to clone data centres to provide ease of app development; check here for leading Viber clone, which are developed using this software.

3. Amazon Simple Storage Service

This software provides true power to real-time texting app. Amazon S3 offers secure and tractable cloud storage & makes the developed app accessible from anywhere.

Feature a Chatting App must have

● Connectivity

Connectivity is an essential factor in making your app successful. Today’s users expect a prompt message delivery, which happens in real-time and provides instant connectivity. One more feature is that there is no limitation to the number of messages that can be sent.

● Type of conversation

The modern messaging app must be equipped with the option of one-to-one and group conversation features. All the conversations, irrespective of the type, should provide the convenience to share documents, multimedia files, location details, audio clips, and contacts.

● Security provided

The companies should provide the highest security level like end-to-end encryption features and many more to their app users. This will build the trust of users towards the app; they will have fewer concerns about data steal and privacy issues to any third party.

● Voice and video calling feature

All the major existing players of the market provide voice or video calls to their users. The list includes names like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, and many more. Some of the apps even offer the option of video or audio conferences for a better communication experience. You need to make sure you have these features in your app.

● Search option

The search option makes it easy for the users to look for specific conversations of recent past. It provides access to particular contacts or the conversation made based on shared numbers and facts.

● Profile

This is the essential feature of any messaging app. This feature allows the users to create a personalized virtual profile for other users of the app to see who is present in their contact list.


When it comes to developing an app similar to Viber or better, the possibilities are endless. You can check here for leading Viber clone to get ideas on where to start and proceed. The development can be for business purposes or for providing a platform to your companies employees, whatever it is, making it an intuitive experience to make the app an instant hit.

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