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Amazon Marketing: Using best SEO & PPC strategy to rank on Amazon

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Amazon SEO can improve organic rankings over time but Amazon PPC increases sales instantly.

Both SEO and PPC can be powerful marketing tools and should be used together to enhance the overall Amazon PPC strategy, increase sales and revenue.

It is important to take a holistic approach when searching Amazon.

This will ensure that search integration happens and help you build long-lasting campaigns.

It is important to understand the differences between Amazon and Google in order to build an integrated search strategy

Although they may be vastly different in many aspects, Amazon and Google share the commonality that both search engines are based on an algorithm.

While Google’s algorithm ranks trillions of pages, Amazon uses its proprietary algorithm, the Amazon A9 algorithm, which ranks the millions of products on its platform.

Amazon is seeing a rise in consideration behavior, but most people visit Amazon to buy.

Amazon wants to satisfy this commercial intent as well as its own goal to generate revenue by making the buying process as simple as possible.

The A9 algorithm was designed to ensure that customers are shown products they are most likely to buy to meet their needs.

What are the key factors to improve Amazon product rankings?

Amazon A9 algorithm considers commercially-focused factors when ranking products.

Are users able to access all information they require to make a purchase decision? Are the products well-stocked?

Is it competitively priced? Are there any positive reviews about the brand/product?

All of these factors increase the likelihood of a purchase but the most important predictor of whether a customer will

buy a product or not is its previous sales success: the product’s sales velocity.

A product must sell well to be ranked well. However, in order to be discovered by users, a product must sell well.

Why do you need to build a holistic search strategy on Amazon?

Amazon ranking and selling is a reciprocal process. Your product must be visible to other users in order for it to sell.

However, in order to rank high on Amazon, your product must have high sales velocity.

This is where paid and organic search can complement each other on Amazon.

Amazon’s paid advertising capabilities can help you get your product listings into the top positions in search results.

This will increase your click-through rate and attract customers.

An Amazon SEO strategy will optimize your product listing, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

This is how Amazon SEO helps to ensure optimal ROI for Paid Amazon Campaigns through an increase in conversion rate.

PPC and SEO integration will result in increased sales velocity, which will lead to an increase and sustainable organic rank.

An effective Amazon SEO strategy is a prerequisite to other successful PPC campaigns.

It is important to understand keyword targeting so that the budget does not go towards irrelevant terms.

How Amazon SEO Boosts the Efficiency of PPC Campaigns

Relevancy is the basis of Amazon Display and Amazon Advertising Campaigns.

Your products will be shown in ads if they are relevant to search terms.

Your product listings should include relevant keywords to increase visibility and rank on Amazon. 

The conversion rate will be higher if the user clicks on an advertisement. This is because they can find the relevant information on the pages.

Amazon SEO optimizations increase the conversion rate of Amazon ads.

How Amazon PPC Supports Organic Ranking

Sales velocity, as established, is a ranking factor on Amazon that can influence product visibility.

Lack of performance data and sales history can make it difficult for new products to rank well in organic search results. 

Amazon PPC can help sellers generate more sales and drive immediate traffic to these products.

Paid ads can drive more sales which will have a positive impact on the product’s organic ranking.

Ensuring Long-Term Success

A holistic approach to Amazon search is crucial for long-term and short-term success.

Paid search can help you build up visibility for a brand or product, which will lead to sales and eventually organic rank.

This will allow for the continual and consistent building of sales velocity, as well as strengthening other ranking factors like ratings and reviews.

All of this will contribute to organic authority and rank which is crucial for long-term success.

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