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It can be difficult to design a t-shirt that people actually wear. Many brands commit blunders as far as the designing part is concerned. As a result, they don’t only end disappointing customers but also cut off on their revenues big time. While designing t-shirts, especially architects’ t-shirts, It is important to make something people love and feel comfortable wearing. We’re going to show you how to make a shirt that people love (and perhaps even buy from your e-commerce shop as well)

Get Your Head Around Borders And Edges

Create a visual perception in terms of what will the design look like on the shirt. Is it possible to create something that looks similar to a photograph with a bordered design? Is it more free-flowing without a border?

The majority of shirt designs fall under the second category. This is particularly true for the architect t-shirt design.

This has a technical side as well. Be aware of invisible borders and edges when you submit artwork to be printed. At times, they can cause problems.


Sometimes, print placement could be confusing due to a variety of reasons. But you can’t afford to go wrong here. The placement holds the key. If the design is par-excellence but it is not properly placed, the odds are, no one will purchase these t-shirts. The belly print is hands down the most common error.

Pay Attention To The Fabric Quality for T-SHIRTS

How many times have shirts you love been washed and worn again due to a staggering amount of shrinkage or pilling? You want people to wear your architect design t-shirts if they are made of quality fabric.

You should also think about your target audience. What type of shirts would they choose? Are they athletes? Use a performance-wicking fabric. Do they live in a cooler area? Consider a sweatshirt or fleece. Are they children or men? Take into account gender-specific cuts.

It is pertinent to mention that inking can be difficult with thinner fabrics. They can feel heavy and uncomfortable against the skin. So take proper measures before proceeding. We would recommend you utilize the best technology that the market has to offer. When coupled with a skillful workforce, the latest equipment can get the job done easily and efficiently at the same time.

Fonts & Typography

Typography is, at its most basic, the visual component of the written text. The Typography is used whenever text is printed or displayed on the architect brand t-shirts.

Typography is the art of arranging a text in a manner that makes sense. It also includes choosing fonts and making sure that the spacing between the letters and lines is correct.

Many brands fail to acknowledge the fact that the way your design is received by the customers can be influenced by the font selection. They may convey certain ideas or even evoke emotions for that matter. We have been watching ads, logos, and graphics for a long time, so we are all conditioned to associate certain attributes to certain fonts.

For instance, if you’re designing a T-shirt for a family reunion then the font “Batman Forever” might not be the best choice. In the like manner, you should also avoid “Comic Sans” if your goal is to look more professional or corporate.

Standard fonts work for almost everything. Some fonts are only suitable for specific situations. Explore all your options before narrowing down the choice!

Budget Is Important for T-SHIRTS

Budget could contribute to make or break the design of your architcit t-shirt deisgn. To begin with, calculate the cost to print each t-shirt. Screen printing is an affordable option that produces high-quality, durable designs at a low cost. Be mindful of the fact that every color requires a different printing screen, so it is important to use as many colors as possible. Direct To Garment (DTG) is a new technique that allows illustrations and images to be reproduced in supreme quality. Although it is more costly than screen printing, it is much quicker and can be used for quick designs. Manufacturers can consider exploiting this when they have bulk orders and have a tight deadline to meet.

Wrapping Up

We hope you would have found these tips will help you to make your t-shirts stand out in the market. Over the years, successful clothing brands are counting on the above-mentioned tactics to gain leverage


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