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Amazing Charts; Is It Worth the Pricing?

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About EMR Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts EHR was designed by doctors and hence caters to the needs of any medical practice very specifically. This software is best for small and medium-sized medical practices. This software has a great number of features that help you run and manage your practice successfully. With features like e-prescription, charting, and more. We suggest that you take your time with this decision and even seek an Amazing Charts demo to see whether this software is worth your time. 

You can use this software easily and integrate any other software you might be using at your practice already into it. So you can simply add billing software. Any practice management software you use into this software and easily manage everything like you were previously but even with more efficiency. 

Having good EHR software can make things a lot better for your medical software. This is because a good EHR software can reduce processes for you significantly which means you can save a lot of time during your day and optimize your performance. 

Top Features

e-Prescription Capabilities 

The e-prescription feature in this software is incredibly convenient for you to use. This software helps you reduce the time it takes for you to make a prescription. The time it takes for a patient to pick that prescription up. This is because you can easily send the prescription directly to a pharmacy. Then have your patient pick it up without any issues. This will help you make things a lot simpler overall since patients no longer have to make a stop at your practice merely to get a prescription paper since all of this will become virtual which is very convenient! 

Voice Recognition

Another great feature in Amazing Charts which we highly recommend. You check out in your Amazing Charts demo is the voice recognition feature. This feature will help you make things a lot simpler for you as you can merely dictate your notes to the software. They will automatically be transcribed for you. You no longer have to dictate your notes to a dictation device. Later have someone transcribe them manually which costs both money and time. This is very convenient for everyone involved and makes things so much simpler for you! 

Deployment Options

The deployment options for this software can also perhaps be demonstrated in an Amazing Charts demo. This software can be deployed through a cloud-based and also physically to a system. This software can easily deploy with whatever option you choose. This will give you a lot of freedom. A cloud-based deployment option is great as well. This means you are able to have freedom where you can use the software from anywhere in the world since the cloud-based software can allow you to access the software remotely from any device! 

Template Efficiency

With the template feature in this software, you can make things a lot easier for yourself. An Amazing Charts demo will show you that you are able to easily choose from a myriad of templates whichever you think will most suit your needs. This template can be further made to suit your needs when you customize the template. This way you can have a template that essentially serves all your needs which is the best option for you. All in all, this software helps you achieve an EHR which is the best option for you. 

Patient Portal for Ease 

The patient portal feature in this software helps you make things easier for you. The patient portal feature which we highly recommend you to check out in the Amazing Charts demo is the patient portal one since it helps you make things easier. This is because the patient portal allows patients to access a portal through which they can schedule their own appointments. Do their own billing, and much more. This helps you make things easier since you do not have to execute these managerial tasks but the patient is able to do it for you! 

Is EMR Amazing Charts Worth the Pricing? 

Now that we have told you about various features in this software you are probably wondering which of this software will be the right choice for you. While we cannot make this decision for you finally, we can help make the decision on your own. The first thing we suggest is reading about all the features of this software. To see whether they will suit your needs as a medical practice. 

The second thing we suggest is reading as many Amazing Charts reviews for yourself. This will help you determine whether the software is right for you since user reviews are a great way for you. To be able to determine whether users are satisfied with the software. And whether it would be the right choice for you! 

We also suggest you ask for a demo of the software before you make a final decision. We suggest asking for an Amazing Charts demo to see whether it would be the right fit for your needs. All in all, this will help you make things so much easier for you. 


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