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Amazing Cake Ideas for your Little One’s First Birthday

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Birthdays are always special, and when it is of your little ones, these become very special. There is no doubt that we are having a lot of options when it comes to gifting and so on. To make sure that your child can have the best birthday, you must start with the best preparations. You need to do a lot to make sure that they have the most amazing birthday celebrations. In this article, today we will look at some nice and delicious birthday cakes, which you can add to their special days.

The flavors or types of cakes that we talk about today have been making rounds in the market. These cakes are not just delicious but also the most creative that they will surely bring a huge smile to these little one’s faces. Let us tell you that you can now order cake online in Delhi for your dearest kid’s birthday.

Disney Princess Cakes

We all know how favorite and loving these yummy cakes have been for the girls from always. Nowadays, you can get lots of cakes in the market inspired by the Disney Princess. From the pull-up Rapunzel cakes to fondant Cinderella cakes, there is so much that you can get for your dearest daughter. She will be glad to see the efforts that you have made for her by seeing this cake. We bet that seeing this amazing and mesmerizing cake on her birthday will make her a star amongst friends, and she is going to give you a tight hug for this.

Unicorn Cakes

Unicorns have been the spirit animal for a lot of little ones. It is very well known that unicorn cakes do not only taste good but can also be a delight to see due to the innumerable colors on them. Ensure that you get your hands on this cake for your little one on his/her birthday.

Snowball Rabbit Cakes

If your child is a fan of cartoon movies, then he must be loving to watch the Snowball Rabbit. This one is a small and cute white rabbit which is innocent like them and the other times naughty like them. You can now order cake online for your dearest star. Always remember that whenever you are ordering such out-of-the-box cakes, always prefer choosing someone who is an expert and promises to give out the best to you.

Ben 10 Cakes

The Ben 10 Cakes are here for your boys, and we are glad to have added these to the list. It has been seen that boys are in love with these delicious cakes, Hurry up and make sure that you order these cakes for both cream and fondant decoration. These cakes are available in the best designs. There is so much to do for you, from getting Ben 10’s watch printed on the cake to his any of their favorite avatars. 

Bob The Builder Cakes

The next one on the list has to be the yummy Bob The Builder cakes for your little person. It is a great idea to tell your child that they can do everything and anything just like Bob, The Builder. You can get a fondant topper made of Bob or can go for any of his tools. There is so much that you can say to your little ones with these yummy cakes.

Pokemon Cakes

One of the tastiest cakes which have to be on our list is the very old and gold Pokemon cakes. We now know how obsessed the children are with the Pokemon cakes, and hence adding this one to their birthday will always be a great idea. Get Pikachu made on the cake using cream or fondant. Apart from this, you can also get your hands on nice pull-up cakes in the form of pokemon.

After getting an idea of which cake you should order for your dear little one’s birthday, we hope you must be ready with the one that will be on your list. Ensure that you choose the best online cake shop for ordering the cake and getting it at your doorstep. It would be very special to get these cakes for your children, as they will jump out of excitement seeing these delicious cakes. 


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