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Always Buy Good quality Stair Runners from Shops

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It is very important for people to know what are a stair runner and why should you have for your house. In simple words, a stair runner is a kind of a carpet which is put on the stairs, and big houses that have stairs. Of course, it is beautiful and it is also important to have a stair runner because it adds to the beauty and elegance of the stairs. It is in most of the cases installed over hardwood and tiled stairs. There are many runners that are available in all types of colors and also patterns of different type with different width.

Never Buy Silk Stair Runners 

If you have a stairs of wood and with deeper treads then it should be fine with a carpet. But you should also take care that the stair runners should not be made of slippery materials like silk and linen. There should be a proper installation of the stair runner with no loose corners to trip over. The best type of material is wool. It is most of the time used and also a recommended material for stair runner. Plus, wool blends are also great for stair runners. Whenever you use a stair runner carpets make sure that you choose the material accordingly and not something that is made of synthetic, nylon, or other materials.

Take Help of Professionals 

It is always recommended that you choose a professional installer from any carpet shop near by your house, so that they can install it well. The professional carpet installers can affix the carpet well on the stairs with their tools and glues. Stair runners will usually come in the size of 22 to 36 inches wide, as sold by the running foot or yard. In order to calculate the length of the staircase, the first thing that you must do is measure the depth of the stair tread. Many times you will stair runners that will measure about 2’6″ wide.

Buy Stair Runner from Shops 

It comes in many widths which vary from 20″ to 48″ wide. The most common width is 26″ for a standard staircase. Selecting the right length is also important. Apart from that you should buy a stair runner from a traditional shop and not from online stores. The reason is that if you choose an online store that is global, then you will find it difficult to get the professional installers. But if you choose from shop, then they have their professional installers who can come at your place and check the measurement and do the installation of stair runners.

Cleaning the Stair Runners 

You can clean the stair runners with vacuum cleaners. If you have spilled something on the stair runner and there is a blot, then you can simply use warm water and a proper cleaning solution which is mild. If you use a soap which is pungent, then it can happen that the color of the stair runner may change. So, suppose you have a beautiful stair runner which is yellow in color and you spilled sauce, & on top of it you use a strong soap, the color may become something like wine color.


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