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All you Need To Know About Wide Range Car Tyres

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Tyres come in different shapes and sizes, fulfilling the diverse needs and requirements of a vehicle. From a plethora of options to choose from, wide range car tyres have made a difference in the way of driving on different terrains in the changing weather. If you are looking forward to installing the wide tyres in your vehicle, here are a few pointers you must go through before making a final purchase. The blog will guide you through several advantages and how it can enhance your driving experience. Before moving to the advantages, let us know a little about what are the wide tyres?

What Are Wide Range Car Tyres?

The wide tyres are broader than the usual cheapest tyres coventry. These tyres do not come pre-installed in the vehicle. However, one can always ask for alterations. These tyres are great for dry and hot, and even wet roads. Wide tyres enhance the overall optimum performance of the vehicle, resulting in a better driving experience. These tyres are efficient in the winter season as well. If you are going to install wide range car tyres in your vehicle, you should be aware of its gripping and handling alterations. A motorist must be careful at times of accelerating, braking and cornering and make sure not to exceed the driving limitations.

Advantages Of Using Wide Tyres

There are some advantages of using wide tires in your vehicle, especially in winter. With a better grip and a broader connection with the surface, such tires make the cut-through more efficient than the usual tires. On the other hand, these wide tires are also beneficial in dry weather and hot roads due to their resistance and durability. Listed below are some advantages of using wider tires for your vehicle. Could you have a look to find out more about it?

  • In the snow, the wide Tyres Coventry have more sipes that enable the vehicle to cut through efficiently.
  • The braking distance of the tyres is short as the tyres have more area in contact with larger treads.
  • Undoubtedly, the steering and handling of the vehicle are enhanced and it gives the car more balance, consistency and stability.
  • Such tyres give more of a sporty driving experience than the usual tyres of your vehicle. And thus, it has become a popular choice among people.

One can attain several advantages from the tires of their vehicle. However, these benefits are only possible if the vehicle owner looks after the condition of the tires. When you expect the immense performance of the tires, you must always take care of the tires and provide all the required repairs and replacements.

Possible Disadvantages Of Wide and Car `Tyres

Some disadvantages can occur in a vehicle if the owner or the driver needs to follow up with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Some of the disadvantages are listed below. Have a look to learn more about how to avoid these in your car.

  • If you exceed the speed limit per the guidelines, the aquaplaning or the hydroplaning facility will not be advantageous.
  • The vehicle will begin to lose control on slippery roads or terrain with gravel and will not provide the most efficient grips.
  • It will be perilous if the wide tires do not fit your vehicle appropriately. It will alter the functioning and might damage the rim as well. It can also result in no motion of the car tires.
  • Damaged tires will create more noise and impact the comfort of the driver and the passengers.

It is crucial to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturers because it can alter your driving experience. Moreover, a timely inspection of the car tires’ condition can help you eliminate the damages before it’s too late.

When you find damage or fault beyond your ability to repair, you must reach out to the nearest garage and get the help of an expert.


Tires can be of great use if they are appropriately taken care of. Therefore you must look after the conditions of the tires and provide the necessary changes it needs. Moreover, whichever tire you use, you must follow the guidelines to ensure the safety of the vehicle, passengers, and the driver.


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