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All You Need To Know About The Contact Lenses And Their Benefits

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Contact lenses turn out as the most contemporary solution whether you use them for vision correction or normally to change the shade of your beautiful eyes. People who suffer from vision or sight issues opt for lenses over glasses; however, the choice between these two depends on various things such as lifestyle, budget, comfort, convenience, aesthetics, and above all, preferences.

One is indeed not better than the other; there are a few things that glasses can’t do for you, whereas lenses can’t easily fulfill other requirements. When it comes to vision, both of them have been serving the people remarkably well. But here are a few reasons why millennials always choose to wear the most comforting lenses over glasses!

The Major Type Of Lenses And Their Advantages

As already discussed above, contact lenses can be categorized differently based on their usage and requirements. Here are a few major lenses and their advantages to help you choose the right one you want!

  1. Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) – Contact lenses are made up of little flexible plastics that allow oxygen to get through to your eyes. Moreover, contact lenses are comfortable to wear and provide you with excellent vision. Above that, they can correct most vision complications while being with you for a relatively long period. They are available in bifocals as well as tints. You can also find these lenses to get rid of corneal refractive therapy and solve the issue of myopia. 
  2. Daily-wear soft lenses– as the name itself defines their purpose, these contact lenses are made up of very soft and flexible plastic material that allows the oxygen to easily go through. They have a concise adaptation period, so you won’t find any complications. They are considered comfortable, and thus, to suit your everyday requirements, they are best for an active lifestyle and easy wear. They are also available in tints as well as bifocals. 
  3. Extended-wear- For those who can’t sleep without their contact lenses on, this one is perfectly designed to suit your overnight needs and can be found as both RGP and soft lenses. The best thing about them is that you can wear them for up to 7 days without even removing them. Many of them are even FDA-approved that can be worn for as long as 30 days without cleaning or removing for a second. 
  4. Extended-wear disposable– these are the soft contact lenses generally worn for a specific period and then discarded. You can choose one that can stay for 1 to 30 days. A lot of people love them as they require very less or no cleaning at all. There are very fewer chances of eye infections if you wear them by following the provided instructions. Moreover, spare lenses within this segment are easily available. 
  5. Planned replacement – finally, these contact lenses are designed through soft material that can be worn daily and is substituted on a scheduled date. Usually, based on your vision, they are changed either every two weeks, monthly or quarterly. They are great for your eye health, can be brought in most of the prescriptions, and have very simplified cleaning procedures to avoid any form of infection. 


Thus, if you are also fed up with wearing glasses every day or just wish to change your look on certain occasions by wearing a perfect set of colored contact lenses, you can choose one from the categories mentioned earlier based on your needs. Surely, contact lenses are one of the most comprehensive solutions that this world needs, and you too must try on one!


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