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All You Need to Know About Selling Gold

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In India, every person honours gold as one of the most precious metals. This commodity’s consumption has ranked India as one of the leading gold consumers across the world. People can also sell gold easily and quickly.

With the price of gold changing every day, the demand for it never changes. You should know that gold is the best investment because you can get quick money by exchanging it. When in time of need, because of financial instability – you can sell gold in Bangalore or anywhere across the world. 

Here are some ways how you can save yourself from being tricked when you are about to sell gold:

# Carry Your Documents:

When you purchased your gold ornaments, the jeweller should have shared an invoice for it. This is one of the most important documents that gold buyers ask for. 

When you show them the invoice, it depicts the proof of your ownership over the gold you are about to sell. This can help in getting real values for your gold. Some gold buyers can simply reduce the value of your gold by saying it is a different karat of gold.

Other documents that are required before you can exchange your gold for cash would be your government issued IDs. These IDs should contain your present residential address. 

# Visit the Store

After you have those documents, you can search for any gold buyer and visit one of them. You should not confuse pawnbrokers as gold buyers. Both of them differ from each other but have a little similarity between them. 

A pawnbroker helps you pledge your gold or any other commodity that has worth as collateral against the money you receive from them. They even accept when you sell gold to them. But they will only offer less value for your gold.

A gold buyer will only help you get the right value for the gold you want to sell. A gold buyer helps you get a complete overview of your gold and evaluates the right price for it. 

# Clean, Weigh and Evaluate Your Gold

Once you have reached the gold buyer store, you can handover your gold to them for a fair evaluation of gold. But before they can reach there, they should provide you with a complete transparent process. This transparency in the process means everything right in front of you.

After handing them the gold, they should clean to remove any dirt or other foreign bodies that are present on it. Now, you can expect to know the weight of your gold. During this weighing event, the gold buyer will remove any gems, stones or other non-gold attachments. This will help in determining the exact weight of your gold. 

You should also know that the gold buyer will inspect the purity of your gold. The term carats is used to measure the purity of the gold. Furthermore, each carats of gold has different purity levels.

Finally, at the end, according to the weight and purity of your gold you receive a price for it. Also, you should be ready to lose the making charges and taxes you paid when you bought it. 

# Price Disclosure

Now the gold buyer communicates the price for the gold that you handed over. This price includes only the value of your gold adjusted to the market price of gold. All other pearls, gems or any other non-gold items that were detached are not in consideration for the final gold price. 

Some gold buyers trick you with deductions which would decrease the last price of your gold. These deductions are unnecessary and meant to profit the gold buyer. 

# Instant Payment 

They should pay instantaneously the payment you receive after you accept their price. Accept no delayed payments as these can be bogus. There are many gold buyers that don’t delay the payments, but some trick you out of it. 

Once you accept the price and the instant cash for your gold, don’t forget the non-gold items that were detached from your gold. These can also be worth something and leaving it behind can make you lose out on a few bucks.  

End Note:

Never hesitate to search for many other gold buyers. We highly suggest that you do not settle with just one gold buyer. When you inquire with many other gold buyers, you can come across the right price you can get.

If you’re in Vancouver you can read more about selling gold.


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