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All you need to know about paragliding in Bir

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Introduction: Bir is a village in himachal Pradesh, known for its beauty and height and also known for its adventurous sports activity.

One can experience the beauty of Dhauladhar which can be viewed at an altitude of 8200ft while doing the paragliding.

Bir, the paragliding capital of India. It has known to be the perfect place for people who love getting their adrenaline rushed. It attracts people not only from India but also, people from all around the world. 

One can experience the rush of wind while doing paragliding and watch the scenic beauty of Himachal from the bird view.

Since it is an alluring spot for the travellers and the people who want to spend their vacations getting some thrilling experience, even the Bir Billing uses some foreign equipments and ensures that one is having this experience of a lifetime with proper safety and security. One can feel like a bird and watch the beautiful scenery from the top for about 20 minutes before reaching the ground.

Things you need to know:

  • This lifetime of an experience and facing your fears is done from the height of 8,200ft from the ground in the Bir Billing.
  • There are handpicked professionals carrying out this entire process and there are some imported equipments used so as to ensure there is proper safety and security. 
  • They will also guide you for another type of situation if just in case, the situation happens. Although with the amount of precautions and safety measurements taken, they always make sure for your safety.
  • One can enjoy the bird view and can feel the clouds which itself is a dream come true sort of a thing. The flight is approximately of 20 minutes and one can enjoy the beauty of nature above the ground, the villages they are flying over, and the crossing the beautiful streams and also crushing themselves against the winds and the clouds.
  • One can even get this experience recorded as there are some people who are well experienced in capturing these thrilling experiences.


More details about the paragliding in Bir Billing 

  • For the foreign nationals, they need to carry their passport as well as their visas so as to experience this exciting adventure during the time of booking.
  • Participants must pay attention to the guidelines given by the instructors and clear their queries, if they have any.
  • If anyone is having any illness especially related to heart and respiratory problem, they are rejected as they are deemed unfit to perform the adventurous sport in that case.
  • The activity can be delayed or get postponed because of the weather condition and in that case, one is given the next possible slot.
  • One is not allowed to carry any bag, any eatable item, any luggage, alcohol, knife etc. 
  • One is instructed not to eat heavy food or consume alcohol before their departure.
  • If any damage is done to the items provided by the experienced paragliders, participants will be charged accordingly.
  • One needs to sign the contract, that just in case, any miss happening occurs, they will be solely responsible for themselves and it won’t be the fault of the company.
  • Participants are instructed to report atleast 30minutes prior to the paragliding 
  • Maximum weight of a person should be 90 KG, only then they are fit for paragliding.
  • One must follow and listen to the guidelines issued and provided by the state government of Himachal Pradesh. 
  • One needs to have their ID proof (adhaar card,  PAN card, license, etc) at the time of booking else they will not be allowed.

  • People between the age of 16 years to 45 years are only considered fir for this amazing paragliding experience.


rating: According to the people who have done paragliding, they all have rated the tour difficulty as 3 out of 10 in Bir billing and mostly people have rated it as a very thrilling experience which is done under the guidance of professionals and proper safety precautions. 

It is an amazing experience as one can overcome their fear of thrillophobia and for others, its one hell of a ride type of experience.

one can enjoy the experience of paragliding in Bir as it is very adventurous and fun.

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