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All You Need To Know About Mercusys mr50g Wireless Router

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The Mercusys mr50g Wireless router is a device with 6+ antennas that boosts the network signal and provides a stable internet connection at every corner. It comes with both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands which gives a speed of 1800MBps. This router comes with a wireless AP, 3 port switch. It is based on MIMO technology which allows connection with more than one device at the same time. Suitable for small offices because of its small and portable design which can full the network requirements for small offices. It provides a very fast transfer speed and makes use of internet access for high performance by gigabit ports. Because of its product version and region, it looks different from the other routers. The LED light on the router on the front and backsides gives a pleasant appearance.

System Requirements Of Mercusys mr50g Wireless router

IP or TCP protocol on each system device is required. One cable modem or DSL with RJ45 connector and broadband internet access services are mandatory for accessing the router with the help of a system device. Ethernet cable and Ethernet adapter which works well in a system with an RJ45 connector.

Installation Guide For Mercusys mr50g Wireless Router

The Mercusys mr50g setup can be done by using Access point and wireless router mode. It depends on the user whether they choose the access point or router mode. Here, we are going to explain the setup using both modes. Firstly we will discuss router mode.

Setup Via Router Mode

Launch the web browser and type my login net in the address bar of the web management page. Create a new login id when prompted when the login window opens. Now click on Let’s Get Started and enter the password. Choose the timezone according to your need and click on the Next button. From the drop-down menu, choose the internet connection type you have. After following the instruction you will proceed to Personalise wireless settings page after clicking the Next button. Now you can edit network password and name or you have the other option to use as a default. However, we recommend using a strong password. Click on the Next button to confirm the settings and scan the QR code to connect to the network.

Setup Via Access Point Mode

Connect the router to the adapter and Using an ethernet port, it is recommended to connect router WAN port to router LAN port. Using a Wired or wireless connection, connect the system to the router. The wireless connection can be established by using a network name labeled on the back or bottom of the router. Now open a web browser and type my login in the address bar to access the web management page. Create a new password when prompted, if a new window will appear. Now enter the password after clicking the let’s Get Started button. On the top right corner tap on change mode and select the access point mode button. The router will be rebooted and just follow the instruction to do the router setup. Now the router starts providing an internet connection. You can also scan the QR code to join the network.

What is DHCP Server In Mercusys mr50g Wireless Router?

DHCP Server is a dynamic host configuration protocol server that is enabled by default and the router behaves as a DHCP server. It assigns IP or TCP parameters from IP addresses to the client systems. To identify the IP address of the router, launch the browser and type mwlogin.net,  and type the password. Now go to Advance and select Network and then DHCP server to reveal the DHCP server section. Click on Enable checkbox to tick it. In the address pool, enter both the starting and ending IP addresses. The default gateway is filled automatically which is also for LAN IP addresses, Now click on the Save button.

How You Can Create A Guest Network Using Mercusys mr50g Wireless Router?

Guest Network allows users to access the separate network without revealing the host network. You can create a guest network for your house, workplace, and apartments for network privacy  security. Enter mwlogin.net in the address field and type the password to create a guest network. Tick on Enable option and type the network name. Choose the security type and enter the password and click on the Save button. Guest Network can also be customized by selecting the advance options and click on the guest network. Now grant the guest permission and customize according to your needs. Tap on the Save button.


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