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All You Need To Know About Acoustic Panels Before Purchasing

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People have started to notice that the sound in a movie theatre is so clear, and it increases the fun of watching a film. Whether it is a restaurant, café, or nightclub, the sound system of the place an important role in enhancing the atmospherics of the place and escalates the fun of listening to the music, well, if you too want to amplify the sound of your room, then you must consider investing in acoustic panels.

What is an acoustic panel?

These panels control echo and reverberation in a room. These are often used in commercial spaces to resolve speech intelligibility issues. Generally, these panels are made with wooden frames and are filled with sound absorption material that is finally wrapped with fabric. These panels are placed in the right direction and the right angle to ensure proper sound resonations that you get the best sounds. There are several brands selling these panels and you can check them all out on the internet.

Types of the acoustic panel

There are two basic categories in this segment:

1. The diffusers

2. The absorbers

Both these panels have to be placed in the right direction and right angle to get the perfect sound effect. These are the main tools of sound that alter the acoustic conditions in-room and outdoor spaces. To get a high-quality sound effect, you must choose the best quality acoustic panels.

Choosing the right acoustic panel

Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Panels

Choosing the right kind of acoustic panel is important to ensure that you get the best sound effect. There should be expert handling with the installation process to avoid any kind of disturbances. You can place these panels on the wall or hang them from the ceiling.  The ideal positioning of the acoustic panels depends on various factors like:

1. The type of room

2. Activity of the space

3. Furniture in the room

4. Materials in the space

Choice based on the Size of the Room:

All the above mentioned factors eventually impact sound quality, so when it comes to choosing the one your place, you must consider all these points before making the final call. Here wee is discussing the general tips that will help you make the final call:

Smaller room- We have already mentioned that the size of the room eventually impacts the sound. If you plan to introduce an acoustic panel in smaller rooms like meeting rooms and private offices, then sound waves will bounce from the walls. In situations like this you must choose the wall-mounted acoustic panels as the first priority. These will absorb the sound waves and resonate the same in the room.

Big rooms – In the case of bigger rooms or large spaces, the sound waves move differently.  Usually, sound waves strike the surface and revert, but when we talk about the same in larger spaces like big rooms, the less sound energy is bounced back, thus hearing the sound becomes a difficulty; in these cases, the sound wave hits the hard surfaces and drops back. In such cases, you can have a ceiling-suspended panel and horizontal panels which absorb the undesired sound waves. To amplify the effect, you can handle the panels at different heights.

This basic information about the acoustic panels and their application will make it easy for you to get the best acoustic panels and place them in the right direction so that you can enjoy crystal clear sound every time. So, if you want to create a perfect ambience, then such acoustic panel installation will be a great move.


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