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All best Google tools for marketers

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It is the world of social media, and everyone knows the name of social media platforms. It is fantastic that children of this modern world are aware of it. But some people think that only Google is social media. The reason is that all social media users use Google worldwide. Facebook and Google are the most operating social media platforms for different purposes. However, if you want to use unlimited social media apps, including Facebook, you should buy verified Google accounts.

Google tools for marketers

If you are a businessman and want to use social tools for your business, then you should buy a Google account because only Google can provide you with the facilities of such Google tools, so when you study these tools. Here we will discuss such tools in detail.

Google Books

All people of the world have their own choice, and most people love to read books. Not a specific text, but you can find all types of books through the tool Google Books. However, you will get some books accessible, but some are paid, and if you want to read paid books, you will be charged. If you are writing a book and want to publish it to a broad audience, then use this tool. Because through this tool, your text will be posted all over the world.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the best tool for Google. Through that, you can set the schedule of important events. The main feature of Google calendar is that you can share it with friends, clients, and your website. You can set multiple alerts on your Google calendar and can get reminders about these alerts. This tool could be used for guest posting, Twitter charts and many other essential things.

Google Chrome

It is the most famous and valuable tool of Google. And through this tool, you can install unlimited apps, games, themes, and so on. The speed of this browser is faster than all other tools. Using Google Chrome, you can get extra tools such as Google+, Google notifications, SEO tools, etc. However, the advantages of Google chrome are more than those of other tools.

Google Docs

If you want to send some documents and files, then you should get the service of Google Docs. Because of the use of Google Docs, it is easy to send large files quickly without turning them into pieces. You can share the links of files and documents to the website and email addresses using Google Docs.

Google Drive

If you want to share files online, then Google Drive could be used. If you want to store your data in a secure place, you can do this in your Google Drive app because the capacity for saving it is 5GB. At the same time, you can save 10 GB of data in your Gmail account. However, it is essential to note here that you can store 5 GB of data without paying any charges, while if you want to save more data, you can start it with $2.49 per month and keep secure 25 GB of data. At the same time, there are different package plans for saving your data in Google Drive. The final project will store 16 TB of data for $799 monthly.

Google insights

You must enter content on a valuable keyword if you have created a website and want to boost it. So you can find trending keywords for your website. And the best advantage of Google Insight is that you can learn the complete history of a keyword. So it is easy to boost your business through a website using Google insight.

All these tricks and apps are handy for your business growth. So it is essential to buy Google accounts for your business. Because when you buy these accounts, you will be able to use the tools of Google in the easiest ways.


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