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All About Virginia Gun Laws

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Whether you are a gun owner or not, educating yourself on gun laws is essential. Virginia gun laws have shifted over the years like any law. Recently, new gun laws have taken effect as of July 1, 2021. What are the it of 2021? 

Keep reading below to learn about new gun laws in Virginia. 

Changes to Carrying Near Capitol Square

A critical change to Virginia gun laws was not being allowed to carry a gun or any weapon near Capitol Square. If law enforcement catches you, they will take your firearms. You will not get them back. 

They can also charge you with a Class One Misdemeanor. You may face one year in prison and fines of up to $2500. 

This law accounts for Capitol Square and the four blocks surrounding it. This includes streets such as 9th, Governor St., Bank, and Broad. 

This new law follows an executive order from the Virginia governor, which bans all concealed firearms and weapons in government buildings. 

Look at this Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws Guide for more details on the latest changes. 

Virginia Gun Laws Restrict Some Domestic Abusers

While it purchase does restrict some domestic abusers, it does not apply to all domestic abusers. 

People found to be domestic abusers within romantic relationships and convicted of assault as a misdemeanor are not allowed to purchase, use, or travel with a firearm for three years after their conviction. 

Unfortunately, this is not the case for those found guilty of abusing children, roommates, or other family members. The law still allows these abusers to purchase, carry, and transport firearms. 

School Boards Can Ban Guns

In addition to banning concealed carry in government buildings, new gun reform laws also say that school boards have jurisdiction over prohibiting concealed carry in schools or other academic buildings. 

This is for local discussions only within school districts. With this decision, school boards can effectively ban guns in schools, as should be done. 

Due to the high school shootings, limiting access to non-carrying people within schools would be a good idea. 

The Lowdown of Virginia Gun Laws

Here is a quick list of what is allowed according to Virginia gun laws:

  • open carry for adults 18 and older
  •  carrying in state parks
  •  carrying in cars and other vehicles
  •  carrying in restaurants
  •  don’t need to tell a police officer
  •  no weapon sign is not enforced
  •  no Constitutional carry

Make sure you know all the ins and outs of it. 

Follow the New Virginia Gun Laws 2021

You must follow the law if you are a gun owner. That said, all citizens should understand the current Virginia gun laws to keep themselves informed and safe. 

Are you looking for other legal content on guns or another topic? Peruse the rest of our website for different posts. 


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