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All About Gutta Percha Points: Need, Uses, Where to Buy Online?

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When you undergo a root canal treatment, the fluid sealant use as the final component of the endodontic triad is known as Gutta Percha (GP). Many materials were test and tried as filling materials. Still, GP is the closest and longest-standing material that tick marks all the criteria required for tightly sealing a root canal system. 

What is Gutta Percha? 

Gutta Percha, often called GP, is a fluid material that fills and seals a tooth after root canal treatment. It is a plastic substance obtain from a Malaysian tree known as a Percha tree, which has become a standar for filling in root canals nowadays. When treated with the root canal procedure, the damaged area of your tooth, also known as the pulp, is remov from the channel, and the vacant space is adequately clean with disinfectant before filling and sealing. This thermoplastic material is heat and compress before being pour into your tooth’s canal and then sealed using adhesive cement. 

What’s The Use of Gutta Percha? 

Experts are constantly researching newer and better endodontic obturating materials than the existing options to satisfy physical requirements and predictable long-term treatment outcomes. While many materials have been test for filling the root canal, the it was the only material that fulfilled all the required criteria. It has consistently shown consistent clinical performance, and no other material could replace GP for root canal treatment. Here’s a list of advantages of Gutta Percha as a filling material: 

  • It easily adapts to the contour and irregularities of your canal through its compact lateral and vertical condensation methods. 
  •  It can be soften with the help of organic solvents like chloroform, xylol, turpentine, and eucalyptol. 
  •  It features dimensional stability and doesn’t shrink when unaltered by organic solvents. 
  •  It is also tissue tolerant that makes it completely non-allergic 
  •  It can be easily remov from the root canal when requir. 

These are why Gutta Percha is a gold standard for obturation and holds great importance in endodontics.

Where to buy DiaDent Gutta Percha Points 6% Online?

As you may already know, GP points make measuring and filling root canals very fast and effortless. The DiaDent Gutta Percha Points 6% are one of the most quality-centric and precise GP points. If you want to purchase these, you can check out ID Enterprises. They’re one of the top suppliers of DiaDent GP points 6% online and feature very affordable rates. 

Bottom Line 

After several years of extensive research, experts concluded that it is one of the most reliable and ideal solutions for root canal filling. If you want to purchase Gutta Percha points online at affordable rates, make sure you check out https://identerprises.co.in/


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