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All About British citizenship application

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Having British citizenship makes you a part of the most secured country with the latest medical and healthcare facilities, renowned colleges globally, a better lifestyle, and world-class infrastructure. Any overseas individual who is working and staying in the UK for some time can fill British citizenship application. With British citizenship, the individual can roam about freely without any restrictions across the country, just like any other British citizen.

You can be called a British citizen on the basis of

  1. Where and when you took birth
  2. The situation of your parent while giving you birth

An individual can fill British citizenship application in 2 ways

  1. Registering as a British citizen
  2. Becoming a British Citizen through the process of Naturalization

Who is a British citizen?

  1. You are a British citizen- if you were already a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKC) on 31 December 1982
  2. You are not a British citizen- If your birth takes place as of 01 January 1983 onwards.
  3. While you were born, either or both of your parents must be a British citizen.

What is Naturalisation?

Naturalization is a process in which overseas individuals apply for British citizenship. Naturalization involves filling up the British citizenship application and then waiting for approval from the Home Office. There could also be a case of disapproved application if the individuals fail to fulfil the requirements.

British citizen by marriage

Just marrying a British citizen doesn’t guarantee citizenship. One must have ILR either through a spouse visa or another immigration route. Besides having a marriage certificate and ILR, the couple should also have stayed in the UK for at least 3 years before filing a British citizenship application.

British citizenship by Descent

Born outside of the UK to a British father or mother makes you eligible for a British citizenship application.

Steps towards citizenship through Naturalization

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Individuals ‘Good character’ and no criminal offence in his/her name
  • Intention to reside in the UK for the long term
  • Individual to pass the ’Life in the UK’ test
  •  English language proficiency

Other checklist includes

  1. Checking if the applicant meets all the requirements, including a good character
  2. Necessary documents to support your British citizenship application.
  3. Identifying who would be the referee for the application. Ideally, they should be two individuals who can be the referee.
  4. Applying online
  5. Paying the required fee
  6. Uploading documents
  7. Book biometric appointment.
  8. Comply with Home Office requirements, if additionally asked.
  9. Once your application is approved, the individual will receive a ‘citizenship invitation letter’- which says you must hold a citizenship ceremony within 3 months.
  10. Once you successfully attend the ceremony, you will be given a certificate of Naturalization. After that, you can proceed to apply for a British passport.

It is recommended that you apply through an immigration lawyer who has British law expertise. A Y & J Solicitors have experience of over 10 years. They have experts in their panel who are some of the best immigration lawyers UK.

What is the fee and time duration for approval?

It takes£1330 for application and £19.20 for biometrics to be completed

The process takes about 6 months. Once the individual’s application is successfully reviewed, the Home Office will send approval. You are required to attend a citizenship ceremony, receive the certificate of citizenship, and then you can apply for a British passport.

Which application form to use?

Before applying for British citizenship, it’s imperative to know the correct form. While mostly, it is an online process. But if necessary, you may have to post as well. Form AN is a must in an application through Naturalization. You will have to fill form MN1 if you register for a minor.


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