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All About Basement Waterproofing And Why Do You Need It

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A wet basement is a huge problem. It is detrimental to the foundation of your home. It can also pose a health risk to your family. The last thing you want is for the water to seep into the space beneath your home. That is why you should consider basement waterproofing. If you want to know your options and why it is important, then read on.

Non-waterproofed Basement Can Cause This

There are certain risks when your basement is not waterproofed. You must be aware of what you might be dealing with for ground-level basements. Here are the most common results if you do not prioritize Basement Waterproofing.

  • Water Damage. Masonry (concrete, stone, or block) is often used to build basements. These are the materials that are better at handling minor water damage. Still, if water leakage is too much for these materials to handle, it can rot the wood framing.
  • Wood Rot. The floor plates and wall studs today are often made from pressure-treated wood. This can help protect it against water damage. Pressure-treating though is not always the only solution to water problem damage. Water will eventually warp it, make it swell, and even rot. Treated wood on the other hand rots more slowly.
  • Mold and Mildew. Basements are typically musty. But if you notice a strong mold smell, it should be a cause for concern. These thrive in moist basements. It is easy to differentiate mold from mildew. Mold is black, green, or dark brown, while mildew is white.

Even though basement mold is often not “black mold,” or considered toxic, it should be treated as such as it can cause health problems. It can spread airborne spores through the home’s central heat and air system.

Types of Basement Waterproofing

The basement waterproofing solution you choose depends on the cause of the problem. How does the water enter the basement? You should also consider the usage of the basement and your budget. Basement waterproofing systems differ. That is why you must know your options before you decide.

  • Exterior Waterproofing. This is the most ideal basement wall waterproofing as it stops any water leakage from the outside. This though might require more work as the dirt must be excavated away from the foundation on all sides of the house and drain tile at the base.
  • Interior Waterproofing. This is an ideal waterproofing solution if the leaking is small or excavation is not possible. Waterproofing experts will use an internal sealer to cover up fine cracks where the water can seep slowly or might look moist.
  • How Effective is Basement Waterproofing?

How effective or how long the waterproofing solution will last often depends on the quality of work that was done on it. Remember that waterproofing basement should not only be done during new construction. Even when living in an older house, you can take a few measures to ensure that you protect your home from basement water. You must know everything to help you find the water basement waterproofing solution for you.


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