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Air travel: what health measures?

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Air travel: To everyone’s happiness, the airlines are open again. They have of course established a health plan to protect travelers from the coronavirus, which is reassuring as the summer holidays approach. Here’s what changes for you.

Air travel: More distant destinations

From July 1, 2020, it will be possible to travel outside the EU, provided that the epidemic is brought under control in the countries of destination. However, it should be noted that in airports and on planes, comfort will be set aside since hygiene rules take precedence over secondary well-being. As a result, air travel will be devoid of good meals (limited or even suspended catering services).

Mask compulsory before boarding

As expected, wearing a mask, whether surgical or cloth, is mandatory to enter the airport and on the plane. Travelers who show up without a mask will be denied boarding. Airlines invite tourists to bring several masks as they will need to be changed every four hours. Unsurprisingly, children under 11 escape this rule and are not required to wear a mask.

In addition, passengers may be subjected to a body temperature check via an infrared thermometer (which is carried out without contact). If the temperature is above 38 ° C, the traveler could be refused boarding.

To limit contact as much as possible, airports recommend the use of applications to report the loss of a travel suitcase , as well as the printing of a luggage ticket at home, etc.

Physical distancing

On board the plane, physical distancing is required with the rule of the distance meter between each passenger. According to Air France, this is not a problem since “current low filling rates allow the establishment of physical distancing”. In addition, most airports practice timed boarding: entry is through the rear of the aircraft to go forward, in order to limit crossings within the aircraft.

Going to the toilet is of course authorized but is supervised (no queuing, requesting access to the crew). Finally, the distribution of water is authorized. On the other hand, on short flights, catering services are mostly suspended. For long-haul flights, companies rely on dishes individually wrapped with transparent film.

Finally, it is possible to be subjected to temperature tests again before picking up the suitcases and answering a health questionnaire. If in doubt, airport public health officials can terminate the trip.


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