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Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! Why Bother Reading a Casino Review?

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With so much information available on the internet these days, sifting the good stuff from the useless can prove to be quite a chore sometimes. With that in mind, we’re so used to having the world’s collective knowledge at our fingertips that researching online reviews before making a purchase has become standard practice – so why not apply the same thought process when it comes to investing in new online casinos? 

According to the specialists at casino review must cover every facet of what an operator offers and falls short on. If not, it’s not only failing to give a holistic overview to a potential player, but withholding paramount information which can make for a more informed decision.

If you’re still not sure where to start from, we hope you’ll find this handy guide useful. We’ve tried to include as many points as possible while keeping things short and simple, just the way you like it. With that in mind, let’s cover the essentials.

Why Are Online Casino Reviews Useful?

Whenever you’re considering signing up to a brand new casino, especially one you’ve never heard of before, there are a number of things you’re going to want to keep in mind before willingly handing out your personal information.

While, of course, bonuses and game selection are important, you’re also going to want to make sure that the new casino that you’ve picked is safe, as well as finding out what other players have to say about it – and that’s where good online casinos come in handy.

A good online review can offer an unbiased overview of what to expect in terms of strengths and weaknesses, which in turn will help you narrow your options down while you figure out whether the casino you’re researching is really as good as they’re making it out to be. 

Other elements generally included in these sorts of reviews would include payment options, web design and user experience, mobile compatibility, customer support options, game provider information and more.

How Can I Tell a Real Review from a Fake One?

Now here’s the million-dollar question anyone interested in browsing through online reviews should be asking, because apart from the review being fake, there’s also a chance that the casino might be too. The reality here is that there are companies out there that are willing to pay to have reviews written and published with the intention of directing traffic to their sites, or perhaps diverting them away from others. This is why it’s always a good idea to read both good and bad reviews before making up your mind.

One red flag to look out for is a 100% positive rating for example, because with so many players out there it’s literally impossible to please every single one. Negative reviews, on the other hand, could prove useful because some of the casino’s weaknesses are highlighted, immediately making you more aware. With that in mind, you’ve always got to take whatever you read on the internet with a pinch of salt, especially if its not coming from a reputable source.

Wondering whether the online casino review you’re reading is legit? Here are a couple of handy pointers to consider:

  • An objective and unbiased tone of writing that doesn’t glorify or vilify excessively.
  • A writer that seems to know the ropes and has actually played at the casino.
  • All the facts mentioned match the ones available at the casino in terms of game selection, bonuses and so on.
  • Both pros and cons are equally considered.
  • The site is well structured, and the content does not appear to be shoddy or artificially created.

Can Online Casino Reviews Help You Dodge a Bullet?

Sometimes, it really is as simple as running a Google search to find out whether the new casino that’s just randomly appeared on your webpage is legit or not. There are also another couple of future hassles that could easily be avoided by doing a little bit of homework before.

One of the major concerns when it comes to online casinos is that unlike their land-based counterparts, you can’t simply walk up to the desk if you encounter an issue, so what others have to say about the customer support system is actually really relevant.

Another thing is safety and reputability. Keep in mind that you’re going to be sharing personal and sensitive information with this site and the last thing you want is some dodgy third party getting its paws on that. Always look out for SSL security information, as well as making sure that the casino you’ve chosen is licensed and regulated in a jurisdiction you’ve actually heard of. 

What Should a Good Online Casino Review Include?

Now that we’ve covered the basics concerning sources and standards, it’s now time to turn our attention to the actual content. Here are a couple of the main highlights you’re going to want to keep an eye out for next time you’re casually browsing online casino reviews.

Payment Methods and Timeframes

The very first thing you’re going to want to check, right before anything else, is whether this new online casino is compatible with your current online casino payment methods. The next thing is looking at the payment timeframes available for different methods, both in terms of payments and withdrawals – always better to be informed than surprised.

Generally speaking, a casino shouldn’t take more than five business days to process a bank transfer, and around 48 hours for other online methods. These transactions are usually free of charge both ways, so any casino that includes hidden charges on payments and withdrawals is usually a big red flag. You’re also going to want to double check the limit parameters for each one.

Wagering Requirements

If you’ve never heard of wagering before, this is essentially the number of times you’re going to have to play a bonus over before it’s converted into real cash you’re able to withdraw. Generally speaking, different games include different requirements and, in this case, lower is always better. Look out for casinos that offer the lowest requirements while keeping things real, and always go with your gut feeling.

Game Providers and Selection

One of the main elements of a casino review will include game selection and mobile compatibility, and this will help you filter out whether a site can be trusted or otherwise. If you’ve absolutely never heard of any of the games or providers included in their game portfolio this should be your first red flag. A licensed casino will collaborate with some of the biggest game providers out there, so be sure not to confuse your Mega Moolah with some Mega Lula knock off.

Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

It’s also worth mentioning that online casinos can be quite useful when it comes to landing that casino bonus that just makes sense to you right now. While most casinos will overtly promote their welcome bonus offers and other promotions, there will be very little mentioning of the wagering we’ve just spoken of, for example. Apart from that, it’s also easier to find out whether there’s any other fine print you might have missed in this regard once again potentially saving you time and money.

New Games and Features

Some online casino reviews will go a step further and even offer insight about new games that might have been launched recently. This will help you understand what to expect especially if the game happens to be abundant in special symbols and features or include some ginormous max win. If you’d like to speed up the scanning process, here’s what you’re looking for:

  • Game performance (RTP and volatility)
  • Min / Max Bets
  • Potential Max Win
  • Game features and special symbols
  • Theme, graphics, and soundtrack
  • Mobile compatibility

Final Thoughts

Just in case you were still left wondering at this point, online casino reviews are a really good idea as long as you’re aware of the couple of things we’ve just mentioned. Our experts would all agree that it’s always advisable to read a couple before committing to any site, even if it’s just a free trial that requires sign up.

With that in mind, these reviews are definitely not the be-all and end-all of casino information, so we’d strongly recommend taking an actual look at the site and compare that to the review to get more of a 360-degree idea of what’s going on. Finally, go with your gut feeling – if something seems too good to be true, there’s always a very big chance that you might be right.


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