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After Dinner Speakers – Enhance the Value to Any Occasion

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Any event organizer would tell you that the conclusion of an event is what determines it. The outcome of an event decides whether it is considered a success or not. As a result, if the event culminates in a memorable and high point, it will be deemed a success. If you’re planning an event that includes dinner and an after dinner speaker, you choose could make the difference between a normal dinner party and an unforgettable event. The significance of an after dinner speaker for event planners cannot be overstated. The after-dinner speaker is usually the highlight of the evening’s festivities, and guests expect a great performance.

What characteristics distinguish a good after-dinner speaker? The right person will engage, entertain, and encourage the audience. They should be engaging, involving the audience and making them feel like they’re a part of the show. Many activities fail because the event planner selects an uninspiring or dull after dinner speaker. There is no need for this to happen now that we have the Internet at our fingertips. If a speaker is serious about their field, they can have video clips to demonstrate their abilities.

You want to find someone that you believe can grab and hold your audience’s attention right away. If a speaker is unable to do so, he or she will lose their audience mentally and likely physically as they rise and leave the room. Event managers with a lot of experience know that the way the evening finishes is a good indicator of how successful the event was. You want to leave the audience on a high note. If the audience becomes bored or uninterested in the after-dinner presentation, you haven’t planned a successful event; instead, you have planned a dinner party.

Because of a bad after dinner speaker, more events than you would think are ruined or relegated to the depths of attendees’ memories. This is due to the fact that so many event planners become complacent and believe that simply hiring one is sufficient. Unfortunately, any after-dinner speaker selected at random is rarely enough to elevate an event to new heights. Your after-dinner speaker must be able to instantly catch and hold the audience’s attention and imagination, using humor, anecdotes, trivia, or any other interesting means available.

Make sure you recognize the speaker’s intended presentation when selecting an after-dinner speaker. You will want to make sure it is in line with the evening’s priorities and objectives. You should let them know which subjects are off-limits, as well as who can and cannot be named or called out to participate. Since there are many websites devoted to speakers’ bureaus that will advise on who to select, it should be difficult not to have the right speaker. However, as the organizer, you must familiarize yourself with their presentation to ensure that it is acceptable and relevant; brief them on relevant subjects, and review testimonials and videos to ensure that you are having a quality speaker.

It is the responsibility of the event planner to provide this critical knowledge to the presenter. Some executives are natural presenters like Andrew Neil speaker who love being a part of a show, while others are not. Furthermore, there might be some hot button subjects for the audience that the presenter is unaware of, so it is important that you inform them. The more homework you do ahead of time and the more detail you offer the after dinner speaker, the better. Remember, your intention is to organize a full event, which includes selecting the appropriate after dinner speaker.


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