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Affordable Company Setup In UAE: Top 5 Opportunities In UAE

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The business opportunities in the UAE are flourishing, and it is no surprise that many people want to take advantage. The market for business ventures in the country has grown exponentially over recent years, and this growth will continue.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you about some of the business opportunities available for startups in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are several opportunities that will help you and UAE have some consultants who are providing services like Affordable Company Setup In UAE.

Opportunities for business startups in the UAE include:

  • Business services (e.g., accounting, legal advice etc.)
  • Tourism and leisure business (i.e., hotels)
  • Retail business (especially fashion & clothing stores)
  • Social media management business opportunities in Abu Dhabi/Dubai/UAE
  • Business opportunities in Dubai for startups
  • business incubators in the UAE

As you can see, the business opportunities are diverse and there is something to suit all types of business ventures. Using a business startup company will save money on various business costs such as marketing and advertising expenses.

This discount is available because most businesses offer tailored packages that include many different services at affordable rates (specific business pricing depends on the business).

Business setup in UAE can be affordable for entrepreneurs, especially if they are starting a new business. One of the most popular ways to start up any business is by using a business startup company.

A business startup company will handle all aspects of your business including registration and licensing with relevant authorities.

Business Services in UAE:

Many business opportunities are available in the business services sector which includes companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft. The most important business service firm in Dubai is situated at Internet City which brings together over 400 businesses from across the globe with more than 15000 employees working there.

These business services include human resource management, accounting support system (legal), web design, and business development.

There is also a business opportunity in the financial services sector such as Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Standard Chartered which add to over $200 billion in business transactions annually.

another business opportunity is with property business which includes a business for sale in Dubai – the Al Khail Gate project. This company has an office space of 20,000 square feet and can be purchased at $500 per sq ft (inclusive of a monthly rent).

The real estate business opportunities are not limited to UAE alone as there are business opportunities abroad that can be explored through the business for sale in UAE.

A business idea might include a business opportunity in the pharmaceutical sector with pharmacies and hospitals offering an excellent business platform.

However, this is not without any legal formalities as there are certain rules that need to follow by each company working under the healthcare department of the state.

Tourism and Leisure Business:

UAE’s business environment is highly competitive and dynamic, with a number of business opportunities available to be explored. The tourism industry has grown significantly over the past few years. This growth can be seen by looking at hotel occupancy rates across major emirates.

Hotels are filling up at rates of 95% and above, with some business hotels in Abu Dhabi reporting 100% occupancy levels.

The rise in the number of tourists has led to increased demand for business opportunities related to tourism and leisure activities. These include entertainment complexes, theme parks, exhibition facilities, business convention centers, etc.

With many multinational firms looking towards establishing business operations in the country, business opportunities are also available for companies specializing in business process outsourcing (BPO).

One of the most rewarding business opportunities that the UAE has to offer is Franchise Business. While luxury brands like McDonald’s and Subway have already established their presence here; there are plenty more business opportunities awaiting domestic entrepreneurship.

Social Media Management Business Opportunities:

In the UAE business market, there are a lot of business opportunities for startups. The social media management business is one such niche that can be started with a small capital and time invested in marketing online by using multiple social networks.

As everyone nowadays has at least one or more accounts on either Facebook or Twitter, they could easily advertise business services and products online.

Today, business owners have to be active on social media platforms in order to engage with their target audience who are already using these sites for business promotion or personal use.

A major part of the population is spending a good amount of time surfing the net so it makes sense if businesses try marketing themselves through various online platforms such as Facebook business pages, Twitter business profiles and Google+ business circles.

 This is not only a sure-shot way to attract potential customers in the vast UAE market but also an inexpensive method that does not have any hidden costs or additional expenses attached to it.

The social media marketing companies in Dubai are even helping business owners create professional business websites at affordable rates without any hassles.

This business opportunity can be taken up by anyone, anywhere and at any time as the only requirement is a device with internet access.

Business Opportunities In Dubai for Startups

The business environment of the UAE is highly favorable for business startups. As an example, Dubai has recently started a program to provide interest-free capital importers who are willing to spend on importing needed materials for running their business or projects in the country.

This initiative aims at creating more business opportunities especially for business owners with limited funds but who have good business ideas that can contribute to the business development in Dubai.

Startups business opportunities are also available for foreign business owners who want to conduct business in the UAE. Setting up a company is one of them, which could be done by applying for an Emirates ID and visa sponsored by your future business partner or sponsor.

This makes it easier for you to look around for business opportunities in the different business sectors of Dubai.

Another business opportunity is to avail a business license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). A business license will allow you to operate your business legally and get tax exemption for the first three years after starting up, save on import duties also during this period.

Business Incubators In The UAE:

Startup business opportunities in the UAE are numerous, especially for companies that focus on business-to-business technology. The business incubators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer free rent to entrepreneurs who take up space at their facilities.

Businesses can also qualify for government grants if they meet certain criteria set out by the country’s Economic Development Board (EDB).

In addition, the business incubators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a business network that can help entrepreneurs to gain access to investors.

The startup business opportunities UAE are numerous, especially for companies that focus on business-to-business technology.

Businesses can qualify for government grants if they meet certain criteria set out by the country’s Economic Development Board (EDB).

In addition, business incubators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a business network that can help entrepreneurs to gain access to investors.


If you are interested in pursuing one of the business opportunities discussed above, we can help. We assist foreign companies with their expansions into the UAE and other regions by providing a one-stop solution that includes assistance with visas, PEO services, and global recruitment.

Express Pro is your best choice for all things related to both international expansion and local operations – contact us today to find out more!


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