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Advice on wearing a wig for the first time

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It’s probably a bit nervous and daunting to wear a wig for the first time. Because the change of your hair can be a positive or an unfavorable effect on your whole look. But all of these embarrassing and scary feelings are absolutely normal for someone new to a territory where you never step into. After familiarizing yourself with the world of wigs and overcoming some negativity, wearing a wig can help you refresh your look and even provide an uplift for your confidence.

There are certain tips and advice for those who are new to wigs to help you and your wig look fabulous.

Choose the right wigs

Buying a wig can be exciting and confusing at the same time. You can see all kinds of wigs out there, such as monofilament-based wigs, machine weft wigs, hand-tied wigs, lace front wigs, and full lace wigs, etc. And every type of wigs has its own variants due to some different details. For example, a lace front wig can offer a natural hairline which creates the illusion that it looks like your own hair, but this kind of wig is more expensive comparing with other types. Different materials and constructions have their pros and cons, so you need to know your needs. How long do you expect for wearing this wig? How much do you plan to invest in wigs? Do you prefer affordable wigs or vote for high-quality wigs for more comfort which are often more pricey? And don’t forget to choose your favorite hairstyle and color. You can ask for help by going to salons and seek advice by contacting customer service of the hair vendors.

Wear your wigs correctly

Wear your wig in the right way can make your wig look more natural and reduce the damage to your natural hair and scalp caused by wearing wigs. The best way is to ask for an expert to help you with it, but it comes to the money spending. Of course, you can do it yourself if you have faith or want to save your money. There are tons of installing wig tutorial videos for beginners on YouTube. But you better pay attention to every detail in videos in case of missing one important step, and you can ask your friends or families to give you a hand.

Style your wigs

This is an important step for you to make sure the style and color of the wig are what you want and suits your face shape. You can take your wigs to a professional stylist or manage them by yourself. No matter what way you prefer, it’s essential to style a wig that suits you.

Maintain your wigs

You should treat your wigs just like your natural hair in a maintenance routine especially if you own human hair wigs. Direct sunlight can damage your human hair and synthetic wig, it’s wise to have a hat or parasol to avoid sunlight. Cleaning your wigs is important to keep their look and feel, so you should use shampoo or products exclusive for wigs. And using wig care products to look after your wigs is another step for your wig to shine.

Build your confidence

For beginners, wearing a wig is a whole new experience. You can try to look yourself in the mirror, and get used to seeing yourself in a whole new style. And people usually can’t tell the difference between wigs and real hair if you wear them in the right way.

Wearing a wig has nothing to be embarrassed about, a lot of models, celebrities wear wigs. And even someone you meet in the street wears wigs. It’s just like clothes to make you look better and different from the past. More tips and wigs for you to find at unice.com.


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