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Advice for StartUps Seeking Seed Funding & Investors

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No matter what business you start, every startup requires a little assistance to get started, even the revolutionary ideas. Once a businessman has a fresh idea that they typically need to raise funds for marketing, development, and talent management. Unless the new entrepreneurs are millionaires with decades of expertise, they will turn to angel investors and venture capitalists. These people will help them get over the early stages of funding. If you wish to secure seed funding and expand your startup, then you should pay close attention to the few guidelines we have mentioned below but before that, let us first understand what seed funding is.

What is Seed Capital?

It is the money needed to launch a new business. This first funding in most cases is typically provided by the family or friends of the business owner. It is used to support the early activities of the company.

Seed capital investors frequently contribute funding in exchange for becoming a shareholder of the business. However, once a startup has proven its viability, it is very much likely to attract angel investment or venture capital, which will give the additional finances needed to get the company off the ground.

Since the business is not completely operational and has no previous proven record, seed capital investing is considered a great risk, and most investors are not eager to take it. However, if you plan to start your business and don’t have funding, you should look for short-term lending solutions.

How to Attract Investors and Seed Funding

Now that you understand what seed capital funding is, the next step is how to do it. Although attracting investors is a crucial task, however with a bit of guidance, it would not be a problem anymore.

Make a Well-Thought-Out Business Plan

Making a business plan is very important as it identifies a certain market problem and then gives a solution to it. Your business plan will explain that how your company intends to address that problem. This is the piece of paper that investors use to make their decisions.

You must write your company plan yourself with the help of templating tools, ideas, and guidelines. Writing a business plan provides the ideal chance for the entrepreneurs and initial management team to collaborate and formally explain the company’s assumptions and goals.

It is a living document that serves as a barometer of progress. It depicts three- to five-year growth plans, including potential crisis. Other than that, it also contains market and consumer information, as well as talent demands. You should prepare and respond to the potential questions that the investors may ask.

Grab Serious Investors

Seed capital rounds are focused on attracting investors, which is simpler if enterprises have already established themselves. Many of you already know the fact that if someone else has already gone through the decision-making process, another person would feel more at ease making the same choice. Because making a decision that no one else has made before is very tough to do. Even investors who don’t mind taking risks would not like to be the first ones to take a chance. So, it’s better to solidify investor commitments as soon as possible. In this way, When potential investors approach to invest in the startup, they can confirm their decision to invest their money in it.

It would help if you also thought about including fair terms in these commitments, such as minimum amounts and other conditions.

Build Relationships by Networking

Networking is very important. Developing relationships with industry colleagues, angel investors, and venture capitalists will allow you to learn who is planning to invest. Networking will not just provide investment opportunities. Networking also allows you to build a group of like-minded businessmen and small company owners with whom you can share and exchange ideas as well as collaborate.

You should assist other small business owners and entrepreneurs with their business questions and provide counsel where you can. You may be eligible for the same free and crucial assistance if the time comes. If an entrepreneur does not have access to angel investors and mentor investors, they must not be hesitant to approach the venture capital community directly. Contrary to business skills, networking is the most important skill and tool that a small business owner requires. Networking is a key to business growth.


If you are a person with big aspirations and no funding, then this article might help you how to attract potential investors.


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