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AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR: The science of advertising and marketing is evolving more and more and now some commercials rather than short videos seem almost short films, of the creativity of the contents they express within them.

How creative do you need to be to create a car spot from scratch? Although being able to convey emotions using a car as a subject may seem like a simple thing, in reality, it is not so trivial.

This is because, unlike videos designed specifically for fans of the sector, commercials on cars must reach the largest possible audience.

How can we suggest the true soul of a car to people who may not even know the difference between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive? The advertising that deals with the creation of these short videos and the slogans that accompany them has to face challenges like this every day.

AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR: Ideas on which to base an automotive advertisement

Creating a quality advertisement for a car manufacturer,

despite being very difficult, can offer considerable ideas. 

AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR: For example, it is possible to play in the country of origin of the company. For this reason, in the advertising of Italian cars one of the workhorses will be the idea of ​​Made in Italy, which is being recognized all over the world. The Germans, on the other hand, will exploit the fact that they are notoriously precise and reliable cars. The Japanese houses, on the other hand, will advertise their ability to always possess cutting-edge technologies.

Another aspect that can be taken as a reference, and that creative agencies often use for commercials, is the lifestyle that leads the driver of the vehicle. Videos set in the middle of nature will marry perfectly with drivers, and therefore cars, who love life in the open air and who do not fear the challenges that this environment places before them. City car advertisements will instead be played on a more favorable terrain: the urban center. Their small size and their agility will in fact manage to conquer the citizen who goes crazy every time he has to look for parking.

AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR: More and more creative agencies

The science of advertising and marketing is evolving more and more and now some commercials rather than short videos seem almost short films, for the creativity of the contents they express within them.

Each car manufacturer is aware that new advertising campaigns must try to be better not only than previous ones but also better than advertising campaigns launched by other manufacturers. Aware of this are also the advertising agencies which for this reason strive to develop more and more creative ideas every time and produce more and more captivating videos .


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