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Advantages of outdoor activities for kids

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As you can imagine, outdoor activities have countless developmental benefits for every child.

Research studies suggest that there is no universal reply. Things depend mainly on what children do once they are playing outside or where they are playing. Activity Play Panels, for instance, can help kids to be better team members and develop social skills.

In other words, children can earn numerous benefits for playing in the open air, including:

1. A decreased risk of nearsightedness and myopia.

2. More exposure to natural light helps enhance mental performance and health.

3. Improved activity levels, more freedom to jump, climb and run.

4. Extra opportunities for practical learning and physical concepts and forces.

6. Better sleep patterns.

7. Greater chances to learn social skills, develop lasting connections with the environment and overcome fears.

8. Plus, it is likely that outdoor activities can help decrease unruly behavior and fight obesity.

Following is a detailed glance at all the advantages of outdoor playing and the circumstances that make outdoor activities especially rewarding.

1. Outdoor activities can lessen a kid’s risk of becoming shortsighted.

Genetic inheritance plays a crucial role in developing myopia or short-sightedness. But it has been proven that time spent in the open air can be very beneficial.

And tests confirm that nearsightedness can be prevented by recommending more outdoor activities. For instance, a randomized trial asked a few kids to get at least forty minutes of extra outdoor playing time. 

Why is it recommended to play outside?

Scientists are still determining. One option is that kids’ eyes can take time out from things like reading.

Another option is that the eyes can benefit from exposure to natural daylight. Either way, outdoor activities are an excellent solution for lowering the chance of getting myopia.

2. Playing outdoors can help ensure children get enough sunshine — which benefits their brains and bodies.

Sunshine — even the one we encounter on heavily cloudy days — far surpasses the lighting we usually meet indoors. Going outside can make a huge difference even if it is not sunny.

Sadly, the consequences can be detrimental if kids are not getting enough sunshine. For example, their brain tends to activate its internal clock by using light signals, so going out in the open can help kids maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

Plus, exposure to daily sunlight can also help guarantee that children get sufficient vitamin D, altering various health issues, such as bone growth, puberty, and muscle function.

Bright natural light helps most kids concentrate better and enhances their brains.

3. Children get more intense exercise while they play outdoors.

It might seem obvious: Kids get extra exercise while playing outdoors. But the effects can vary.

Outdoor playing can have a significant impact on the physical activity of children. Kids are more active if allowed to play outside; every fifteen minutes in the fresh air leads to three additional minutes of physical activity.

Another similar study found a comparable effect: Kids were exposed to more physical activity for every extra hour outside using Playground Equipment.

The takeaway? Playing outdoors will increase the activity levels in kids’ brains, which is already excellent, but they also improve their overall health. Kids require cardiovascular exercise to be healthy.


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