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Advantages Of Integrating Counterpoint POS With Shopify

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Counterpoint POS With Shopify: Shopify is a specialized e-commerce platform that gives you the tools to build your online store. Counterpoint POS, on the other hand, is a retail management system that seamlessly integrates your front end and back office.
Together they are more impactful to retail success than either of them alone.
Running your Shopify store independently from Counterpoint POS is time-consuming, costly, and a drain on your resources. Integrating them unifies your online/offline systems and optimizes them to run your overall business.
In this article, we’ll understand the various advantages underlying the integration of Counterpoint POS and Shopify.

This Article Covers

Advantages Of Integrating Counterpoint POS With Shopify: Omnichannel Commerce
Automated Inventory Management
Automated Order Management
Shopper Management Automated
Wrapping Up
Without further ado, let’s get rolling.
Advantages Of Integrating Counterpoint POS With Shopify
Omnichannel Commerce
(Brick-and-mortar + Ecommerce = Omnichannel)
According to McKinsey Research and Harvard Business Review of 46,000 shoppers:
7% of customers were online shoppers only,
20% were store-only shoppers; and,
73% used multiple channels.
So if you want to expand your business, there are options other than opening a shop and waiting for customers to enter.
Since it’s not a piece of cake to handle your brick-and-mortar with an online store separately, you must connect all your sales channels and make combined omnichannel commerce.
This will help you provide customers with a unified customer experience across channels.
Customers can now buy online, pick it up in-store, or even make a purchase in-store or online and have it shipped anywhere they want.
Integrating Shopify with Counterpoint POS software will give you the benefits of every channel operating at its peak performance.

Inventory Management Automated

(Supply Chain & Inventory Synchronization)
With an eCommerce to POS integration, you can bridge the divide between your inventory and supply chain, product availability, and sales history across channels.
So, you can directly see your online and in-store inventory from one unified, connected system. Your inventory against orders will always be up-to-date in all the channels and be entirely in sync.
You can easily avoid the countless hours lost by manually adjusting inventory levels, entering online sales and customers into your POS system, and vice versa.

Automated Order Management

(Customer Sales & History Synchronization)
Integrating POS systems and e-commerce sites allows you to synchronize customer data and sales history across channels and provide faster and more effective customer services.
Centralized customer data and sales history enable your sales team to suggest selling or adding products based on customers’ previous purchases. So, you can provide a more personalized experience to users and improve customer experience, thereby increasing customer loyalty and revisit rates in stores and online.
Data synchronization also provides greater accuracy in your reporting and is essential for data security and compliance standards.

Shopper Management Automated

(Always Connected & Selling To Your Customer)
With more & more shoppers doing online research before purchasing, the shopper has likely interacted with the online store in some manner before visiting a brick-and-mortar location. Regardless of the channel, today’s shoppers expect merchants to personalize their shopping experience by knowing their past interactions with the brand.
Integration and resultant data synchronization will help you understand the shopper’s needs based on their online behavior and provide a contextual in-store experience, thereby significantly improving customer engagement.

Wrapping Up

Shopify and Counterpoint POS integration is a ready-to-use solution that unifies offline and online retail stores.
By providing omnichannel commerce along with an automated inventory, order, and shopper management system, you can:
Better your customer reach
Significantly improve your customer experience and loyalty
Increase sales and traffic
Improve the data collection system
So, what are you waiting for? Contact 24sevencommerce, your trusted integration service provider, and leverage the power and flexibility of the Shopify eCommerce platform to integrate directly with Counterpoint POS.


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