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Add Spring Spirit To Your Home Décor With My General Color 2021

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The Pantone Institute has announced that it has chosen two colors for the year 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, meaning a mixture of familiar cool gray and bright yellow that mimics the color of the rising sun.

 The Panton Institute is firmly convinced that coordinating these two colors together provides “people with energy, serenity, and hope” in a world still mired in suspicion.” The bright yellow, called Illuminating, symbolizes the “optimistic promise of a bright day,” while Ultimate Gray is a much quieter color that simulates “calmness, fortitude, and resilience.” The color can be compared to natural elements that stand the test of time such as beach pebbles.

Cedar, the global leader in interior design, embraces designs for both Fujikawa and Marco Polo, as well as world-leading brands such as Versace Home, Armani Casa, Swarovski Crystals, Somfy, Janelle, and Volpi, among others. And since Cedar is known for its wallpaper, stylish window accessories, custom-made extra pillows, and folding doors, Nahal Slow gives his valuable advice on how to introduce the common colors of 2021, gray and yellow so popular in our home décor this coming spring season.

 Bright yellow and its ability to transform any space

With the introduction of touches of yellow in your home, it brightens up the decor, especially as this color blends in seamlessly with many interior designs. If neutrals are drenching in your home, it is enough to include colorful accessories in the furniture to let the energy flow into the atmosphere. Know that colors like white, navy blue, gray and black make an ideal background for bright colors (like yellow).

 “You can also add a touch of color to any décor by creating a subtle coordination of details – choose for example soft accessories such as cushions, curtain or wall decorations, vases, and other decorative items,” said Nahl Salou, Creative Director of Cedar. Using a strong color such as bright yellow is a practical and easy way to add a touch of color to home décor and make a radical transformation in any space. Coordinate the color with flowers, books, or even ceramic utensils displayed on tables or shelves. “

The color psychology behind the use of yellow in interior design

Since color has a great influence on the psychological state, the Pantone Institute chose bright yellow as one of the colors of the year, due to its positive effect on the psyche. Yellow creates a feeling of happiness, optimism, and confidence in a more beautiful future, while the calm gray reflects a sense of strength and resilience, not to mention a feeling of continuity in the natural world. When using yellow in interiors, it is very important to know the appropriate amount of yellow that must be introduced in the rooms to ensure perfect harmony in the color palette, otherwise, the imbalance may reflect negative qualities such as irrationality and anxiety. “The best way to determine the right amount of color for you is to visualize it reflecting on you personally,” explains Nahl Selo.

Create the perfect space for the lesson

When creating an enabling space for learning, consider encouraging the learners – but within reason. Remember that large swaths of bright colors, such as red and orange, can give you an overdose of enthusiasm. However, touches of yellow evoke calm, relaxation and happiness. Yellow also helps increase learners’ focus and stimulate their creativity, making it one of the ideal colors for walls of learning spaces.

Create simple modern aesthetic touches on the décor, such as painting the door frame in the workspace in a harmonious color with dark metallic accents and simple accessories to create an atmosphere that combines modernity and tranquility. Or add brightness to a dark, forgotten corner of the house, like the stairs in the corridor, to enliven the space within budget.


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