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Sip our coffees, admiring their beauty. How can I recreate the same feeling in my kitchen? So I got thinking, and I am ready with ideas to spruce up your kitchen by focusing just on your tile game..!

A modern kitchen is not just about appealing colors but functionality and convenience. Modern kitchens add a lot of value to the house’s overall look. Tiles are often an afterthought when TILE GAME comes to makeovers; however, let me tell you that they can transform your kitchen. Don’t treat tiles like an ugly stepchildren. Instead, use them creatively because when done right, you end up with a statement kitchen that is our neighbor’s envy. So to keep the space chic, read on as to how you could go on to choose a kitchen tile:

  • Color: A harmonious color scheme is balanced and easy on the eye. Use colors next to each other on the color wheel, like blue and green. But if you want something more striking, try pink and green.
  •  Bold Co-louring: The bold palette compliments the retro vibe of most kitchens and brings vivacity to the decor.
  •  Space: If you have a smaller kitchen, use lighter shades, and a pop of color will be harmless.
  •  Budget: Remodeling the kitchen can be expensive, but the right tile adds a panache without a hole in your pocket. As per your budget, you could use tiles to add a pop of color or a color scheme to add that vibe so your kitchen can be your new entertaining space.
  •  Material: While the materials keep evolving, remember the keywords: Functionality and Convenience. So if you have kids who love to treat the kitchen floor tiles as their plates, go for tiles that are easier to clean.
  •  Photo: Though photo tiles are high maintenance, look at placing them in areas that catch the key quickly and help create a visually appealing image for the decor.
  •  Texture: Add these tiles to create a disruptive but intriguing image, time to get creative.
  •  Glazed tiles: If you are the one creating a lot of food-related content for Social Media, you need these today. They add a touch of vibrancy and talk a lot about your personality.
  •  Ambiance: Soothing or striking tiles help you add value to the ambiance you want to create.
  •  Fake until you make it: Live out your hard floor dreams with wood tones. Lay them to look like hardwoods, and you live your dream without spending too much plus, clean-up is a breeze.

While there is no limit to the drama or the panache that you can create simply by choosing the right kitchen tile, remember your kitchen speaks a lot about you, even when you are not talking!!!


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