About Pix Link Wifi Repeater Device Everybody Should Know

Pix Link Wifi Repeater

The Pix Link Repeater is a wireless powerful Wi-Fi network device. It is use to regenerate the digital signal. When the transmission is done in a long distance in the network, then the signal starts weak. That time repeater is used. It solves the noise and error in the signal along with regenerating the signal. Nowadays the pix link wifi repeater is popular because it is advance technology. The Pix Link Wifi Repeater is dual-band and it provides incredible coverage and wifi speed.

The WiFi repeater connects with your existing WiFi router and provides better WiFi connectivity. With this wireless repeater, you will be able to extend the boosting network up to 300Mpbs speed. By extending the wireless coverage, we can connect more mobile to outside and inside the house. This pix link repeater gives many options to go online, utilizing a laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet, and similar device.

Everyone is required to know about Pix Link Wifi Repeater because it is very easy to log in and set up it. It easily connects the computer and router. This repeater includes multi-function and supports the router, client, and access point. Its upper side 2×2 external antennas and 2.4GHz WiFi. It eliminates the dead zone and provides high wi-fi connectivity.

Login to the Pix link WiFi Repeater device

If you want to use Pix Link Repeater, then you should log in. It is simple to log in. To log in, you need an IP address, username, and password, all this information will be found in the manual. If you do not want to go in the manual then you can log in in this way. First of all, you plug the pix link repeater into the electrical outlet and turn ON the electrical button. After that, power ON the Repeater. Make sure your repeater is properly connects to the computer.

After connecting, launch the web browser of the computer and type the http //myrepeater.net in the search bar. Then the login page will be displayed on the computer screen. Under the login page fill in the username ID and password and click ON login. After clicking, the login process will be completed of the Pix link WiFi repeater device.

Access the setup page of Pix link WiFi Repeater device

The Pix Link repeater is the best device to expand WiFi coverage in the home. This device is use to increase the WIFI network range. It gives 1200 Mbps of 5 GHz network. The pix link wifi repeater setup is easy and every person easily sets up a repeater. It can be set up in 2 ways, one with the WPS button and the other manually.

Wifi repeater setup: WPS way

WPS means Wi-Fi protected setup. This is a simple way to set up a wireless repeater. For this, plug the repeater in the power circuit and turn on the button. Then find the WPS button on the Pix link repeater. After finding the WPS button, You have to press the WPS button for 10-15 seconds. Then the WPS button of the router has to be press for 9-10 seconds. And wait until the LED becomes solid green, when it becomes solid green then it means your repeater is connect to the wifi router.

Now, press the WPS button of both the device. After that, connect the laptop, computer, and smartphone of the repeater wifi network. The web browser has to be launch on the device with which Wifi is connect. In the browser URL bar type my.repeater.net or and hit enter. This will modify you on the configuration page, where you will have to fill in the username and password. To set up the Pix Link Repeater, the instruction will appear on the screen, it will have to be followed. And in the last, your wireless repeater will have a complete setup.

Pix link WiFi repeater setup: Manual

To set up the Pix Link repeater manually, you must remove the repeater from the box. Then the repeater has to be place in near the router. choose a high-quality Ethernet cable and connect the repeater to the wifi router. Power ON your computer and connect it to your home WiFi router. Use the web browser on your computer, and in the search bar, enter http myrepeater.net. If your website is not working, then you can use the IP address.

You will see the login page of the repeater on the computer screen. You have to enter the default login credentials and press enter button. After that, you will redirect the wireless N repeater admin panel. Then, You will find the instruction on the screen, you have to follow them. After that, click the finished button to save all settings. Now it’s time to reconnect all devices to the wifi repeater.
Now the Pix Link Wifi Repeater setup has been successfully complete in two ways.

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