Abbygale Ritualo as an Online Marketing Specialist

Abbygale Ritualo as an Online Marketing Specialist

Abbygale Ritualo is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Tech entrepreneur, UX/ UI web designer, SEO expert, and author/writer  She is the founder of OC Marketing Solutions helping small and medium businesses grow using innovative marketing techniques. She produces authoritative, long-form content about Google Analytics, SEO, Facebook Ads, etc. almost every day. Online Marketing Specialist.

Abby with the goal of helping other businesses maximize social media that makes a “difference.” In a little over a year, she has built a profitable, self-branded business around a website that has generated Four Million page views.

She works in close collaboration with e-commerce conglomerates and established brands, some are exceeding 6-7 digits in revenue annually.

A few years ago, was recognized as one of IBM’s digital awards “Top 10 rising online marketing resource of 2016″. It is simply the most complete online resource of marketing services, online and print.

Future in Digital Marketing

She saw the potential of digital marketing and decided to launch her own business in an attempt to help all sizes of businesses. She drew inspiration by watching youtube videos and attending free community classes while working full time to learn how to design, code. And develop websites and apps. In 2014, she started in a famous resto-bar-hotel company that has a multi-branch all over California as the company’s first female marketing manager and later headed all marketing and commerce. After working for 5 years and almost giving up. She finally debuted her own website design firm that later turned into a full digital and print marketing company.

A day in Abby’s life

My current role during the day is Marketing Director of ISA East Company. I build collaboration projects with major open source projects and collaborate on the resources. Knowledge is needed to build open-source solutions more effectively. Every day is different, so that’s what I like about my job. It requires creative thinking and a lot of collaboration with the entire company and partners. It requires daily research and development.

After working a full day in a full-time position, I do a side job, an online marketing business. It started with a referral, and one day I continued to receive inquiries and service orders from my website.

My week includes investigating potential new projects, revising ongoing deliveries. Previewing collaboration results, and building new internal initiatives within the company. We spend a lot of time communicating and publicizing because spreading the word, winning, and sharing lessons are also part of the journey.

I have defined the implications of doing Social Innovation in an open source way and have led the company on how to create a marketing strategy from scratch.

What is a Marketing Specialist?

A marketing specialist is, by name, an expert in a particular field of marketing, such as influencer marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing, field and event marketing, market research, branding, paid media, content marketing, copyright, and so forth.

They are responsible for activities across the entire marketing funnel and will handle projects in sales marketing, product marketing, corporate communications and more,” explained Abbygale, marketing director at ISA EAST Inc. a multi Resto-Bar-Hotel company. On the other hand, “an expert will concentrate on a field of marketing within a large group and have the opportunity to go deeper into that subject.” In short, they became experts in their niche.

I’ve personally done something for brands including Corona Beers, Orange County Chamber of Commerce – focusing on social media and building in-depth skills in content and campaigns and channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and Adobe, as well as B2B companies.

How can you become a Marketing Specialist?

For some in-demand roles especially in large companies, there may be entry-level specialist roles (such as social media coordinators, junior copywriters, email marketing assistants, and more) that you can apply for. If you have relevant experience through coursework or special degree, certificate, volunteering. Working in a related job, internship, freelancing, or marketing in your own right. You will be in a good position for this type of early career specialist job.

But more often than not, entry-level marketers start in a general support position (with the title “Marketing Coordinator”) working on a variety of projects as part of a broader marketing team. Gaining this range of experience can expose you to various potential specialties. Then you can choose to follow higher levels, such as managers, senior managers, and managers.

It’s a good position to have when you’re just starting out, not sure where your interests are. And trying to face a variety of specialties. Also, if you decide to become an expert. Under your belt, you will have some projects and achievements that you can talk about in your resume, cover letter. And an interview that will help you advance the role of land expert.

The advantage of being a Marketing Specialist

There are several benefits to hosting a specific area of marketing. As an expert:

1. Stick to what you like

Maybe you like SEO and are interested in finding out how to get your website ranked better on Google. But you are less excited about other areas of marketing. In particular, you can focus on what you enjoy and avoid the parts that are not attractive to you.

2. You will be Specialist

You can focus on your deep knowledge in a specific area and sharpen your skills. In addition to feeling knowledgeable about your field, which may be rewarded in its own way. You may also have the opportunity to speak using this skill (as I did) or be a thought leader (by writing articles or starting a networking group for your specialty).

It has been my case. I’ve been invited to advise on the company’s social media strategy as well as CEOs. Board members, and other executives. As well as the social profiles of individual leaders starting at the manager level – something that probably would have been the role of a general marketing manager if I hadn’t.

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