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A Slow Recovery: The Future of Global Business Travel

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Because of COVID-19 restrictions, avid travelers have lost a part of themselves. Without the opportunity to hop on a plane and visit any country they want, there have been very few ways to satisfy wanderlust. The same goes for those with loved ones in another country, as well as for business travel.

Many businesses rely on travel, and global business travel has also been halted. So much so to where business travel declined by 89% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though different COVID variants still loom over us, more people are getting vaccinated and countries are opening up their borders, even with limitations.

What’s the future of global business travel? Here’s our advice for businesses.

Changes in Future Business Travel

The pandemic made us rely more on virtual events and means of communication, and this has impacted corporate travel. Instead of flying out overnight for a meeting, professionals are communicating over Zoom and investing in remote work. And since more conferences are switching to digital, there are fewer reasons for professionals to travel.

The pandemic has also opened up many travel obstacles. For example, many international travelers are required to show proof of vaccination and/or a negative COVID test. Some countries also require quarantines.

However, business travel is coming back, albeit very slowly. Instead of traditional means of travel, we’re seeing reinvented business travel.

For example, there will be more domestic trips as opposed to international trips. In addition, business travel will be saved for special events. Let’s say your business is up for an award in another country. Staff members will likely travel to that event, but not for minor reasons such as consultations.

Advice for Business Travel

Now that we’re starting to reach a state of economic recovery, more businesses are re-investing in traveling. Are you starting to travel again? If so, here’s some advice to keep yourself and your staff members safe.

Stay Flexible

If something can’t be handled online, find the safest ways to travel. Instead of taking an airplane, drive to your destination or take a train/bus. If you have to take an airplane, be as safe as possible. Only stay for the minimum amount of time. Drive to the airport, park in airport parking, and fly out for a weekend.

You should also consider the possibility of a canceled trip. With different variants and updated restrictions, you may very well be forced to cancel your business trip. Ensure you book with an airline that offers benefits, such as free cancelation and a flight refund. 

Improve Your Communication

You also shouldn’t forget your staff back home. Always stay connected to your staff members back home. Keep them updated on the trip and on any updates in travel. Don’t forget to monitor yourself for any signs of COVID and be sure to quarantine if you suspect you caught the virus.

Embrace Change

Everyone misses the days when business travel consisted of hopping on an airplane and going anywhere you want.

It can be difficult to embrace change when things were so easy but think of the positives. Instead of stressing over new policies, understand that we’re paving the road for healthier future travel. Save travel for when it’s necessary, such as selling your products at a convention. This way, your travel will be worth it.

Global Business Travel Will Change Forever

Global business travel isn’t the only industry impacted by travel changes and restrictions. Continue reading our blog for more travel advice and recommendations.


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