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A Short Guide for Women to Choose Right Perfume for Themselves

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When it comes to choosing a perfume, you should always keep in mind that this fragrance will describe your personality. Therefore, you should choose the fragrance that solely describes your personality. Usually, people easily recognize the person with his/her perfume.

It is so because our minds store amazing fragrances in hard memory. The perfumes of women are different from the perfumes of men. Most women get confused while choosing the perfume for themselves. Choosing the right perfume is not as easy as pie, especially if you do not know where to start.

If you have no idea what kind of fragrance you want, then the whole process will become more tedious. You have to do in-depth research to get one step closer to the perfume selecting process. In this guide, we will help you to choose the right type of it for you.

Find Out the Fragrance That You Want:

When it comes to searching for your fragrance, you should consider what kind of scent you want. There are some basic perfume categories: Citrus/Fruity, Musk/Spice, Floral, and Woodsy. The floral perfumes are more feminine and produce a soft smell. Out of various feminine perfume options, floral perfumes are widely popular among women.

The floral perfumes may include the fragrance of lavender, tulip, roses, and cherry blossom. The tulip perfume is growing in popularity because of its amazing fragrance. The citrus perfumes are bolder fragrances and these perfumes offer a fruity smell. If you are searching for an earthy smell such as rainforest, firewood, etc. then you should choose a woodsy perfume.

Some perfumes produce fragrances of spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, etc. If you love to have options, then it is a good idea to have at least two perfumes from different fragrance families. You may want to smell like a tulip on one day and smell like a green forest on another day. No matter what you choose, you should make sure that the perfume goes with your personality.

Pay Attention to Concentration Level:

The perfumes are composed of four different levels of concentration of fragrance ranging from lowest to highest. The concentration level helps in determining the fragrance duration and it will last for long.

While choosing the perfume, the concentration level of the essential oils plays an important role. It will help to ensure the durability of it. The perfumes with a high concentration level will stay longer. The four types of concentration of perfumes are described below:

a.) Eau De Cologne

These types of perfumes have the lowest concentration level of essential oils. These perfumes are not durable and not expensive. Anyone can easily afford these types of perfumes. The fragrance of these perfumes will not last for more than 2 hours. Approximately 5% of essential oil is mixed with water and alcohol.

b.) Eau De Toilette

It is also a diluted form of perfume but it is more concentrated as compared to Eau De cologne. This perfume has a high concentration level of approximately 8% in water and alcohol. This type of perfume can last up to four hours.

c.) Eau De Parfum

This perfume is stronger than the Toilette and Cologne. It can last for six hours because of the high concentration level of essential oil in water and alcohol. Approximately, 18% of essential oils are mixed with alcohol and water.

d.) Parfum/Perfume

The fragrance bottles labeled with the term it will have a high concentration level of essential oils. In the perfume bottles, the concentration level is higher than 30% and it will let you smell good the whole day.

Test Your Perfume:

While testing the perfume at the retail store, you should consider the following below-mentioned steps:

  • You should ensure that there are no other fragrances on your body before testing any of it, even the body lotion fragrance should not be there. It is so because every person has unique body chemistry. When it gets mixed with your body oils, then it produces a unique fragrance.
  • When it comes to testing it, you should not smell too many fragrances one after another. You should stick to only three to five on one shopping trip.
  • First of all, you should spray the scent in the air before applying it to your skin. It will help you to determine what the perfume smells like.
  • Spray a little amount of iton your wrist and smell how the perfume reacts with your body oil. Once you have tested one perfume, then move on to the next one after a few minutes. It will help to neutralize your sense of smell.

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