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A Review of Jpgtotext.io: How Does It Work?

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Image to text converters are widely used by the public to digitize physical text. These are specialized tools that can detect text in an image and then convert it to e-text that is machine-readable, storable on a computer, and editable. 

There are many image to text converters available online but overall the tools that are AI-powered have proved to be more accurate in text extraction. In this article, we will be reviewing an AI image to text converter which is on hype these days. JPGtotext.io is an AI image to text converter that is quite popular among audiences and today we are going to investigate whether it is worth the hype or not. 

So, my fellow investigator, let’s start this investigation!

What is JPGtotext.io?

Jpg to text is an AI image reader. It can read the text from an image and then convert it to e-text that can be stored in the computer. This tool is powered by AI and has advanced OCR models that quickly extract text from an image online.

How Does it Work?

The working of jpg to text is straightforward. The whole image to text conversion steps take less than a minute. Following are the steps that need to be followed:

  1. Open the Website:

The first thing that you need to do is open the website i.e. jpgtotext.io. You will see a dialogue box in which you will upload the image. 

  1. Upload the Image:

The next step is to upload the image, there are three uploading methods provided by the jpg to text converter and users are free to opt for any method they find easy. Here are the three methods:

  • Drag an image here – drag the image from the computer and drop it on the dialogue box.
  • CTRL + V – copy the image and paste it on the tool by using the shortcut CTRL + V.
  • Browse –  browse the image on your computer and select it, it will be uploaded on the tool.
  1. Get Text:

After the image is uploaded, click on the button that says “GET TEXT”, the tool will immediately process the image, and the digitized text will appear in a new dialogue box below. 

  1. Copy and Save:

Compare the digitized text with the physical text and see if the extraction is accurate. 

Copy the text by clicking on the clipboard icon on the corner of the box and save it in a Word file. 

Just these 4 simple steps and the text will be extracted from images within minutes. 

What are the Characteristics of Jpgtotext.io?

JPG to text comes with plenty of characteristics which are mentioned below:

  1. AI OCR Technology:

The technology used in the development of jpg to text is AI OCR. These two technologies are combined to increase the efficiency of text extraction. The OCR helps in text detection and extraction while AI ensures the accuracy and efficiency in this process. 

  1. Multiple Languages Support:

This image to text converter supports multiple languages. You can extract text in various languages used around the globe. We have tested it using dozens of languages and it extracted text from them all perfectly. The languages extracted using this tool include English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, etc. 

  1. Blurry Text Extraction:

Sometimes we have blurry images containing text that is hard to read. The OCR tools are unable to extract such text but this jpg to text is powered by AI thus, it can easily extract text from blurry images. 

  1. Handwritten Extraction:

Due to variations in style and fonts, handwritten texts from images are also not extracted by most OCR tools but jpgtotext.io can extract handwritten text effectively. 

  1. Instant Extraction:

The text is instantly extracted using this tool. The individuals who do physical transcription can use it for quick and instantaneous text extraction from images. 

  1. Accessibility:

This tool has been made accessible to all. It is available online for free and anyone from any part of the world can access it without a problem. 

  1. Simple Interface:

This tool has a super simple interface. It is made simple so that anyone with minimum technology exposure can use it without difficulty. 

These were some features of the jpgtotext.io. 

What are the Uses of Jpgtotext.io?

Jpg to text has many uses in different fields let’s discuss some below:

  1. It is used by doctors and paramedics to digitize patients’ reports, prescriptions, bills, etc. as manual typing takes forever. 
  2. It is used by students and teachers to digitize book pages, notes, handwritten lectures, etc. 
  3. It is used by journalists to convert physical information and text to digitized text that can be used in their articles or reports. 
  4. It can be used by law firms to digitize data like contracts, agreements, wills, transfer reports, cases, etc. 
  5. It is used by publishers to make e-books and electronic copies of text for selling online. 
  6. It is used by office HR managers to digitize forums, resumes, CVs, employee information, etc. 
  7. It is used by researchers to digitize their notes and findings. 
  8. It is used by corpus linguists to gather corpus for analysis and research. 


In a nutshell, jpgtotext.io is a premium quality tool that allows the user to quickly and accurately convert images to text. It is better than its contemporaries as it is powered by AI technology and it provides 100% results. 

This tool can convert text in different languages thus beneficial for users all over the world. It can even extract blurry and handwritten text. On top of all these features, it is available online for free. 

After this in-depth review, we suggest you use jpgtotext.io for all of your text digitization purposes because it is top-quality software. 


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