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A Quick Guide on how to Sell land Fast

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Sell land Fast upon listing for sale is a good idea, but it needs more motivation. Time is of the essence in real estate. Listed land becomes less valuable when it stays longer in a listing company as the buyers question the property’s true value that stays longer.

With the current world full of information online, buyers have improved how they do research their research.

Reuben Kimani, a Real estate CEO who has issued over 8,500 title deeds in Nairobi, Kenya, over 8 years, advises landowners to ensure that they do everything they can to sell their land within a short duration to avoid buyers making a lower offer.

If you want to sell your land, you must sell it faster. We have compiled a simple list of items you need to do for quicker land sales.

Sell with top-selling Real estate Agents.

A real estate agent is knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with real estate properties. They have information about land prices in your area and have a good list of potential customers that can purchase your land.

Getting your land listed with the most known and trusted real estate agent is the fastest way to purchase your land. The agent will ensure that your land is properly priced.

Put a justifiable price on the land.

Having your land overprice is one of the leading causes of delay sales. Even though most people think over-pricing a land for sale will help get a desirable price after negotiation. Some customers don’t like the negotiation of prices.

The best approach to ensuring that you don’t over-price is by comparing land prices in the neighborhood and then crafting the right price.

According to Reuben’s experience, people who set their prices concerning market value tend to create demand for their land. You will receive bidding offers that can result in higher prices above the listed price or faster property sales.

Keep up with the latest technology.

With the rise of the internet, most buyers are using the internet to do research. As a land seller, this has necessitated that you must strategize well on using the internet to reach potential buyers. Digital touch points influence the decision of buyers.

Ensure you have optimized your high-resolution photos or videos of the land you intend to sell for mobile users since most internet users are mobile.

Fake It till you make

Regarding land selling, land buyers look for two things: developed land and non-developed land.

Like when you have a house to sell, you need to ensure that it is refurbished by repairing or hiring a staging company to come and stage your house for a faster sale.

Developed land has some extra facilities that make the land more valuable, like being connect to water and electricity, being well-fence, and having good roads.

If you want to sell your land faster, you need to ensure that there are signs of development. Otherwise, your listing might go stale in the listing.

Keep Your Facebook Friends closer.

Facebook is the leading social media where over 2 billion users are active every month. When you list your land for sale. Ensure that you share in your Facebook groups that you are in and in your profile.

Username Investment Limited has won several awards for being the leading real estate company that knows how to use social media for customer care and for generating quality leads for selling plots in Nairobi.

Finally, ensure you don’t try to cut corners. Hire the best real estate company to list your land, develop the land, and use technology according. It will take a shorter duration to sell your land if you do so this way.


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