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A Quick Guide at Solar Panel System Installation and Maintenance

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A solar system is basically made out of the solar panels which are modules, a solar inverter and the mounting system which is accompanied by the computerized controller. Solar panels are producing the DC electricity from the sunlight after which the inverter converts this generated electricity into the AC. You can use this electricity alter on for the household. Hence the computerized Sun power solar panels for me controller is responsible as in managing the solar system where it ensures the optimal performance. You always need a battery to have the battery backup system or the off-the-grid solar system.


A solar system is incomplete if it is not accompanied by the powerful Sonnen battery power. Batteries are generally used to keep up the backup of the charge storage. For the solar panel system, different models of batteries are available which performs the task of backup and storage for the overnight purposes. Series, parallel as well as series-parallel connection of the batteries bank is completely based on system design which is including with the 12V, 24V or the 48V system configuration. You can hire solar contractors near me to better manage the installation of battery in your solar system.

Solar Panel Maintenance

As it does not include any of the moving parts, therefore, the solar panels are not in the need of high maintenance. They require a little maintenance. As soon as you are done with the coverage of the installation cost of your solar panels, there is no such cost left behind for the maintenance of the system.

But still it is important that you should be inspecting the whole system at least once in a week or twice times in a month against any sort of dirt. It might be possible that some sort of garbage has been piled up into the system due to which the system is not working accurately. You should have the panels be fully cleaned so that there is no such other thing which might block the sun light.

Consult professional solar installers near me who can better guide you with the maintenance. You should consult them about the warranty conditions as well. There are some of the solar panel manufacturers who could terminate the whole of the warranty if any sort of self-cleaning is done.

For the general cleaning, you should be using with the normal garden hose for washing the face of panels. You can either do this in the morning or at the night time. If they are hot, you should completely avoid using the cold water on it because it can fully damage the whole system.


Well, to sum up the whole system of the solar panel should be examined after every 4-5 years by the professional installer. It would be better idea if you will ask the installer related to some basic maintenance requirements of the solar system. This proper maintenance and cleanliness of the system will enable all the components of the solar system to run efficiently and that too for the next long years.


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