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A Powerful and Voiceless Vacuum Cleaner

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Choosing a powerful voiceless vacuum cleaner that allows you to take good care of your home can be challenging. With so many diversities on the market, indications and disparate powers, how can we recognize that the model we choose will be able to clean our home effectively? This part will provide clues encouraging you to make the right choice.

Vacuum Depression: Essential

First, let’s remember that depression is the ability of your device to lift dust from the ground. This parameter undoubtedly represents the force that the Panasonic mc cg917 optiflow deploys first to raise the dust from the floor and, secondly, this force that it deploys to bring it to the tank or bag of equipment.

Depression is given that it is expressed in kilopascals (kPa) or kilos per atmosphere. It, therefore, informs that a vacuum cleaner with an optimal vacuum is capable of quickly sucking up dust.

This parameter is especially vital for houses with different surfaces to be cleaned. The minimum recommended vacuum level for a good cleaning and suitable suction for hard surfaces, such as carpets and rugs, is 40 kPa. On the other hand, the classic depression recommended for all different soil types is around 20 kPa and 35 kPa at least.


This criterion represents the speed with which a vacuum cleaner can successfully transport dust to its collection bag or tank. Like depression, the more optimal this data, the more influential the vacuum cleaner. This data is measured in cubic decimetres per second (dm3 / s).

As for the last criterion, minimum flow levels are needed to claim optimal cleaning of certain surfaces. Panasonic mc cg917 review For hard floors and carpets, we advise you to opt for a model with a high airflow greater than 40 dm3 / s.

We recommend choosing a device with a minimum airflow of 36 dm3 / s for the rest.

The Importance of its Structure

A vacuum cleaner can have the most powerful motor ever. If its structure is not built to ensure top performance, it will never reach the maximum of its capacity. So avoid wacky designs and keep sight of the simple and effective ones.

To choose a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home, it is imperative to focus your attention on the relationship between depression and airflow. This ratio, called helpful power, is the most crucial figure and revealer to analyze and look at in the model spec sheet that captures your attention.

Thus, the practical power of a vacuum cleaner is the joining between airflow and vacuum, expressed in Watts (W). As mentioned, this datum combines the ability and force of the device to lift dust and transport it to its collection bag or equipment tank. The apparent purpose of a powerful vacuum cleaner!

Even taking into account the output power of your model, we suggest that you analyze these two criteria separately, as Voiceless Vacuum Cleaner is essential to choose a vacuum cleaner with proportionate output power levels.

Suction Power: is it an Imperative Parameter?

Like many criteria related to this product, the answer to this question is ambivalent. Indeed, if you have a powerful vacuum cleaner which rejects a good part of the micro-dust because of defective filtration, this raises concerns. In addition, the sound intensity of your device is a parameter that must be considered. What good would you use a powerful vacuum cleaner to stir up the neighbourhood during your cleaning sessions?

If necessary, the sound produced by the friction of the air can damage your hearing and that of the neighbourhood, thus putting you in front of significant problems. Since the removal of the energy label, which formerly imposed European standards on corded voiceless vacuum cleaner is now necessary to refer to the information given by the promoter while relying on the seller’s good faith.

Before making any purchase, check the dust emission rate of the device you plan to purchase. So check the suction efficiency, the sound emitted, and the quality of the filter. Very generally, and for marketing reasons, sellers do not mention this data, so feel free to prove that you know what you want and how to get it.


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