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A Look At Kio DJ, A World Class Disc Jockey

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Kio Dj is a name that has been heard around the world for his amazing performances at major live events as well as his excellent disc jockey skills. All About Music magazine named Kio Dj as one of the best Djs in the world. Here, I will share with you some facts that you should know about Kio Dj.

He was born in Kingston, Jamaica where he grew up listening to reggae music. Later on, he went to university and studied dance, music, and theatre. He then joined crews like King Tubby, T-Ray, Kool Herc, and Cashmere. As time went by, Kio progressed from being a great disc jockey to a professional disc jockey, beat writer, and music producer. After several years, he ventured into the world of music, becoming a celebrity through the release of his self-produced music singles such as One Time, We Aite, and Lose Yourself To Me. As a result, he was able to get himself signed to Def Jam Recordings and Universal Music Group.

Kio DJ began to gain popularity when he was asked to perform at the Soul Train Music Awards in 2021. The show, which he was a part of was very popular and well received by the audience. Kio gained a lot of fans because of this performance. The following year, Kio DJ was featured in the very popular television show America’s Next Top Model. Despite the negative comments made towards him on the show, Kio continued to gain more popularity.

In the first few months after his appearance on the show, Kio began to be recognized as a serious entertainer. He was chosen to perform at many music festivals. He released an album called Mojo Now in which he was featured on all the songs.

At the beginning of his career

Kio DJ mainly served as a back-up disc jockey in clubs. Because of his experience as a disc jockey in clubs, he is now able to perform solo. He has formed his own group named Kio DJs and has made several albums that have hit the charts worldwide. Some of his most popular songs include “Tears”, “I’m Gold” featuring Akon and numerous others.

Kio DJ is currently working with rapper 50 cent. Kio DJ is also working on several other projects including a movie that is called 50 Cents. Aside from being a successful artist, Kio DJ is also well-known as a disc jockey in New York City. He enjoys playing both clubs and restaurants.


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