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A Home Stager’s Guide To Designing A Cottage-style Home

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A home where we feel the whole world lies! We want to have a comfortable lifestyle that sustains us. Scrolling on Instagram makes us think of a design trend, COTTAGECORE!. Let’s return to nature. 

But, the question is, how will you bring it into your home? Let’s explore some decorating trends and lifestyles in this home staging service guide. 

Basics of cottagecore

Cottage core is about simplicity, as both home design style and lifestyle. It includes comfort, personal freedom, and self-reliance. The romantic and nature-driven design trend calls for cozy spaces that decorate with rustic touches. It is furnished with everything you need to lead a happy and productive life. 

What does cottage core home look like?

A cottage core home is a place of comfort and utility with ample natural light. A piece of rustic wooden furniture, potted plants, vintage decor, and other nostalgic touches make this home decorated in this self-reliant lifestyle. 

Cottagecore embraces life with some clutter as a sign. Things like pieces of twisted yarn kept in a basket on a rocking chair, a stack of books on the bedside table is all welcome in a cottagecore home. 

Captivating designing ideas for a cottage-style home

You are familiar with the basics of cottage style with few interior rules to make a small space look bigger with home staging. Here are some designing tips to consider while you decorate your home. Keep the spirit of the cottagecore lifestyle in mind!

Use of natural materials 

Nature and cottage style go hand in hand. It means the homes are decorated in this style and will make use of wood, wicker, and other natural materials. It can be a basket for extra blankets; kitchen staging includes wooden stools or a macrame piece of hemp. The furniture and decor that are made from these materials are central to the cottagecore trend. 

Play with color and texture

A cottage-style aesthetic involves earthy tones and floral patterns. Many modern home design styles use monochromatic color schemes that include sleek lines. However, the cottagecore trend relies on a broad mixture of color and texture. Lace cloth on wooden tables, velvet chairs for texture, and earthy tones mixed with green and floral-inspired pastels make the style mesmerizing. 

Add on some soft furnishing

Overstuffed pillows, cozy throws, and long curtains you can add for soft furnishing to make a house feel like home. Use a nice rug to warm up wooden floors and a couple of quilts to add extra comfort. Cottage-style homes should feel like you are as welcoming as they look. 

Create a DIY piece

DIY projects are a perfect touch to any cottage-style home. In addition to that, adopt sustainable habits like growing your own garden or take up composting. It is for those who accept the cottage core lifestyle that adds homemade elements to their home decor. Get the best Corpus Christi interior design and try unique pieces to hang on your wall. Whatever DIY you are about to create, showing something that you made with your personal customization is a great way to embrace the aesthetic style. 

Decorate with plants & flowers!  

Plants are a simple and relatively cheap way to beautify your home and, on top of that, provide great health benefits. Since the cottagecore aesthetic is meant to recall agrarian culture, it brings greenery indoors, and that is perfect for home decor. Emphasize nature by displaying a vase of fresh-cut flowers. Go to that extra mile and find plants and flowers that are native to where you live. 

Go for some vintage furniture

Antique furniture, especially with a rustic look or french influence, is stylish in cottage-style home design. With the best home decorators, you can create a vintage decor style look. It will help you create the nostalgic vibe that it is known for. 

Don’t worry about faded fabric or chipped-out paint. These imperfections add more charm to your style!

Display your ingredients 

Baking, cooking, and other home-making activities will have a strong association with the cottagecore lifestyle. Leave out all the dry ingredients, herbs, and other items that don’t require refrigeration. And you can aesthetically please in your home’s interior. Place fruit in suspended bowls and hang some dried aromatic above the counter. Keep your spices in a decorative jar. 

Include pastoral wall art

Complete your space with some country-themed wall art. Nature prints, landscape paintings, polaroid photographs, and other adoring pieces make decor choices ideal for any cottage-style home. These items offer you a chance to personalize your space and have a good feel.

Hang up your wallpaper 

Wallpapers are back in style as far as cottagecore is concerned. Make a stunning backdrop with vintage wallpaper, especially if it’s nature-inspired or floral. If you are not in a mood to deal with the hassle of putting real wallpaper, there are faux wallpaper options on the market that look good as well. Cover your accent wall with a stunning print that nudges your home transformation in the right direction. 

Wrapping up 

Cottage style isn’t a style. It is meant to be fun and lively. It is usually the beneficiary of all cast-offs from real homes. The furnishings and accessories have grown in popularity in recent years. Get home staging service and give a cottagecore style that goes with everything.


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