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A Guide to the Flowers Valley in 2021 — Travel Guide to Uttarakhand

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It adds colors to our lives. A flower is the symbol of happiness. The colors are vibrant, pleasant and vivid, and fascinating. Isn’t it always bringing your face a smile? Think of being in a flowers’ valley now, dream come true, don’t you?


Sightseeing of the Flowers Valley is a Uttarakhand national park. This site is known for its variety of flora and fauna, and the wetlands of endemic alpine flowers. A UNESCO World Heritage site is a glaring piece of nature and every walking, hiking, and travel fan must visit it at least once in their lives.


About the Valley.


This UNESCO heritage was built in 1982 and it is a mystical valley blossoming over a distance of 87.50 sq. km. It is blessed with silver glaciers, waterfalls, and luxuriant greenery, which entertain the visitors along the route. The Valley is known for its exotic flora and fauna and is right next to the Himalayan Ranges of Zanskar. There are also valuable herbs in it. And the magical Sanjivni Booti was presumed to have been picked by Lord Hanuman. However, the sightseeing of the Valley of Flowers trek is a perfect place for you to laze about if you are a nature buff looking to spend time alone. And if the wilderness is to be explored, you will meet cascades, streams, and paddocks to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature.


Best time to visit the Valley of Flowers


Since the valley is full of various flora and flowers, the valley continues to change colors all year round. When you visit the park at the right time, the various vibrant shades are very fascinating.


The valley has only been open for three months, from June to September, and will also be open in October if you are fortunate. If you want the flowers to flourish, make sure that you visit during July. Yet even the views of the valley meadows are pretty lovely.


Nearby Accommodations options


Well, travelers can reserve their nearby accommodation using InterMiles. But, by walking to the camping, if you want to explore nature’s wildlife, there’s a base camp for all tourists in Ghangaria.


By reserving your stay on our hotel platform you can increase your experience and earn InterMiles for all your stays! You can search for properties, compare prices and miles, and reserve your stay according to your preferences. You can also use miles to pay for free hotel accommodation!

How to reach the Valley of Flowers?

The Flowers Valley is a national park in Uttarakhand District of Chamoli.


Airways – Jolly Grant is the closest airport to Dehradun, to book your flight tickets with InterMiles. The best thing is that every ticket you and your loved ones book is InterMiles!



Rishikesh is the closest train station to the National Park. So, for Rishikesh, you can take the train. It’s almost 300km north of the picturesque national park. Routes- Govind Ghat is the closest road to the flowers valley. The journey from Dehradun to Joshimath is almost 11 hours. A simple walk on a steep, narrow mountain trail takes you from here. The trail takes you straight up to the base camp in Ghangaria.



The Flowers Valley is a paradise for all trekking lovers. You will see the wonders of nature on your way as you walk through it. The countless flowers, streams, waterfalls and meadows are an ideal location. Trekking is indeed one of the best things in the Flowers Valley.



The Hemkund Shahib is a little far from the Flowers Valley. It is one of Uttarakhand’s most honorable Sikh shrines and the best places to visit near Flowers Valley. Hundreds of devotees flock to adoring their prayers every year at that place. Nevertheless, you must be here before winter because the shrine sleeps under the snow cover during the winter season.


Village tourism


We’ve forgotten how to live a simple life somewhere in the subway town. You can go to the village of Ghangaria in order to relive old days or to explore how our ancestors lived. You can experience the rustic way of living with the villagers.


The flowers valley is a paradise that must not be missed, and since the flowering season isn’t so far away, now you should begin to plan your visit!



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