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A Guide to Maintaining Your HVAC System

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In general, a good HVAC system should last you up to 25 years before you’ll have to replace it. However, this is a general rule that depends on the type and quality of the system you buy for your home. The lifetime of your system will also depend on how well you care for it from the moment it’s installed. The following guide can help you take better care of your heating and cooling system to ensure it will last for many years to come.

Keep an Eye on Your HVAC System Filters

One of the most important things you can do for your HVAC system is also one of the simplest things to do. That is to check and replace the air filters every 30 days. Depending on the type of system in your home, you may have separate filters for your furnace and AC system. If you don’t know where to find replacement 20x20x1 furnace filters, contact an HVAC service company in your area. Replacing your filters or cleaning them will help you keep air flowing efficiently throughout the system. This means you’ll use less energy to heat or cool your home, and you’ll be putting less stress on your system.

Keep the Condensing Unit Clean for HVAC System

The condenser is the large unit located outside your home, and this component is essential in transferring treated air into the home. As you look at the unit, you’ll notice the outer casing is lined with vents, and you can see that there’s a large fan on top of the unit just under the casing. If debris gathers around these vents or gets inside the unit, it can disrupt the fan’s operation. The cooling coil inside the unit can also become damaged. To prevent damage to this unit, keep the ground around the unit clear of leaves, sticks, and trash. You should also make sure pests aren’t nesting on or inside the unit.

Know When to Run Your Humidifier

You can save wear and tear on your furnace by turning off the system’s humidifier throughout the spring and summer months. Do this by turning off the water supply to the furnace during this time. As the temperatures start to cool in the fall, you can turn the water supply back on. At this time, you should also replace the water panel or humidifier pad. As you turn the humidifier back on, set the relative humidity to 35%. If the air still seems dry, you can raise the humidity, but you shouldn’t exceed 45%.

Watch the Drain Pan

The indoor part of your air conditioning unit includes a drain pan with a PVC pipe that leads to the exterior of your house. This drainage system helps remove excess water from the system without causing it to leak onto your floor. Over time, algae and mold can grow around the opening of the drainpipe, causing the excess water to back up. You should keep an eye on the drain pan and, as it starts to back up, clean around the opening to the drainpipe. One of the best methods of cleaning the drainpipe is to use a wet/dry vacuum. Alternatively, you can hire an HVAC technician to clean the drain pan and drainpipe for you.

Listen For Problems

You should also be alert to new or unusual sounds that your HVAC system is producing. For example, a clunking sound or one metal grating against metal can indicate a damaged blower fan. If the system makes loud noises as it kicks on each time, this is another warning sign that your HVAC system is experiencing some type of mechanical problem. Anytime you hear something unusual, you should contact your HVAC technician and ask them about the issue. They may need to stop by to check out your unit. Getting it checked out sooner will help you avoid a more serious problem that could leave you without your HVAC system later in the season.

You should also have your HVAC system inspected every six months to ensure it’s operating properly. During the inspection, your heating and cooling technician will check filters, coolant levels, and conduct other types of preventative maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. They will also catch problems early and repair them before they worsen. A seasonal inspection can help you keep your HVAC system running all year.


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