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A Guide To Increasing The Traction Of Your Tyres

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Whether you are driving on a regular roadway or speeding on a race track, traction is necessary. The more traction you get out of your Tyres Twickenham means, the more stable your ride is. That directly or indirectly affects the maximum pace at which you can go. 

Limit Of Increasing Tyre Traction:

Although racers desperately want to increase tyre traction, it is impossible to do so beyond a particular limit. But one wrong step can cause it to decrease drastically. So, as a motorist, you must strive towards attaining the maximum possible traction under the given circumstances. 

Methods Of Increasing Tyre Traction:

In general, it is tough to alter the tyre construction or material. So, any efforts you spend on doing so end up being futile. However, varying parameters such as pneumatic pressure, camber, toe, and caster can make a huge difference. Let us find out more about each of these tyre elements. 

Tyre Pressure:

The thrust exerted by the air inside the tyre determines its pressure. For optimal grip and performance, every vehicle has a fixed range of tyre pressure. So, you must maintain it, making sure the tyres do not become over or under-inflated. That is because if the pressure is too high, they lose flexibility. That, in turn, leads to poor handling and vibrating rides. If the pressure is too low, you run the risk of blowouts due to severe tyre wear. Thus, none of these two scenarios is suitable for providing the necessary traction. 

Tyres Camber:

To ensure a strong road grip, the tyres have to be perfectly aligned. That means it should have the appropriate camber. In case you are wondering what camber is, let me explain. It is the angle or slope at which the wheels lie with respect to the road. It is measured from a frontal point of view. Depending on its inclination from the midline, it can either be positive or negative.

Tyres Caster:

Apart from camber, caster is also a vital element in tyre alignment. It is the angle between the vertical and steering axes. But this is determined by taking a lateral view. It can have a negative or a positive value. 

Tyres Toe:

The third element for wheel alignment, and hence, tyre traction, is the toe. It determines whether the two tyres on an axle turn towards one another or not. Depending on this orientation, this parameter can be either toe-in or toe-out. 

Variation In The Vertical Load:

When you adjust the above factors accordingly, you increase the traction provided by your tyres. Varying the vertical load on your tyres correctly helps. Increasing this load raises tyre traction, although not linearly. That means the increase in the gripping ability is relatively less than the increase in the weight. Closing this gap can effectively give rise to higher traction. You can do this by altering the camber, pressure, toe, roll, and bump steers. Once every contact surface holds equal weight throughout, you can maximise the traction. 

Variation In Weight Transfer:

After adjusting the vertical load, you can further increase traction using weight transfer. That can take place during acceleration, braking, and cornering. In the case of cornering, weight transfer is affected by four parameters. These include the centre of gravity, width of the automobile track, cornering velocity with respect to turn radius, and total weight.

A reduction in weight transfer shows a rise in traction. So, lowering the centre of gravity and widening the vehicle track can help. Accurate adjustments of the loads can be done by monitoring tyre temperatures. It is recommended that you keep the average temperature of one tyre within a five-degree range of the other three. 

For safer drives, traction, which is a measure of grip, is essential. It becomes particularly more significant while travelling through racetracks and snow-filled or muddy streets. In an attempt to improve the traction of your Dunlop tyres Twickenham, you can tinker with the parameters mentioned above. A correct combination of all of them will accomplish your goal of getting the maximum traction.


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