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A guide to celebrating burns night

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Robert Burns was a Scottish author and a lyricist. Born into a rural economic condition in a two-roomed bungalow in Alloway, near Ayr. On twenty-five January 1759, he became a prolific author who wrote concerning daily life employing a Scottish vernacular. On twenty one July 1796, Burns died at the age of thirty-seven. Two and a half centuries later, still he is celebrated for his renowned poems. The birthday night of Robert Burns is celebrated as the burn’s night. People usually celebrate and take burns suppers this night.

The celebration:

The celebrations are very simple. This festival can be celebrated I your home. It is all about having fun and a good time. An Important part of this celebration is the burns supper. Scottish meals like haggis, neeps, tatties are served. Highland bagpipers are played, and Robert Burn’s poems are sung together by families. Having whiskeys and some delicious desserts are a part of this celebration. Dancing is also an important part of this celebration. After completing the supper, people dance together with their families. This is one super fun and the right time for a family get-together. Bagpipes are also been played in funerals of Scotland. 


Traditional Scottish clothes are worn by people on the burn’s night. This celebration is all about having fun and relaxation with family and friends. Blowing bagpipers for funerals and finding bagpipers for funerals near me is the common thing in Scotland. Due to covid-19, the celebrations took place virtually online. So, none must miss all the fun. The having haggis, desserts, whiskey took place online. Dancing and singing on burn’s nights also add extra fun and relaxation to the people. This is a simple celebration that takes place at home. This can also be celebrated in different places like a destination celebration.


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