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A global guide on self-testing at home

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Covid-19 home self-testing kits have been made commercially possible to enable people to be able to conduct their tests by themselves. This is a convenient way of getting tested for the coronavirus compared to visiting a public health center. There are many risks associated with visiting a public health centre. One of such risks is the possible transmission of the coronavirus. This could be from the patient to other occupants in the health center or vice versa. Covid-19 hjemmetest kits have been made available for people to conduct the tests in the comfort of their homes and expect to still get accurate results.

Self-testing versus self-sampling: What is the difference?

Self-testing is very different from self-sampling. In self-sampling, candidates are expected to take a swab test and send it down to a health practitioner for complete analysis. In this case, the health centre is responsible for producing the result of the test. When available, the test result is made known to the person. In the case of the self-test, this is done independently at home with the use of the Covid-19 self-testing kits. In this case, the person buys their self-testing kits online or through any offline store. They then conduct the tests by following the instructions that come with the kits. As soon as the test is completed, the result is instantly obtained through the self-testing kit.

Self-testing for the coronavirus

People are expected to order materials for self-testing and do this in the comfort of their homes if they need to know their covid-19 status. This testing process is reserved for people that are not yet vaccinated and still looking to know their status.

Self-tests can also be done by people that have been vaccinated fully and have been known to be exposed to somebody that is confirmed or suspected to be infected with the virus. The person will have to take their self-tests between 3 and 5 days after they have been in contact with the suspected person. Furthermore, they are expected to have their masks on when in public indoor spaces for 14 days. Or they will need to have their masks on in public indoor spaces until they have received a negative covid-19 test result.

Some important facts about the Covid-19 self-tests

The Covid-19 testing kits are very delicate and should be treated as such. For people to get the best results, they will have to understand how to use the kits properly. This is best if they followed the instruction that comes with the test kits.

1). Home test: The self-tests are done with a private covid-19 test kit by a person. The test can be done in the house or any location.

2). Following instructions: When performing covid-19 tests at home, all instructions stated by the kit supplier should be followed. This is the best way of getting an accurate and fast result.

3). Who needs the test: The covid-19 self-test is for everybody irrespective of whether they have been vaccinated or not.

4). Using the test kit: Each testing kit is suitable for one person. You only get to use a single test just once.

5). Testing with a nosebleed: People that have had a nosebleed 24 hours will need to perform the test using the other nostril. Or they could wait for about 24 hours.

6). Eating/drinking for a test: You mustn’t drink or eat within 30 minutes before taking the covid-19 test. Following this directive will minimize the chances of spoiling your test.

7). For humans only: The Covid-19 testing kits have been designed to be used by humans only and are not suitable for animals.


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