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A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Stacked Monitors for Graphic Design

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If you have a stacked monitor and do have to know how to set it up, this is the right guide for you. Here, you’ll learn how to set up your stacked monitor as a graphic designer and the few unique things to note while you do that.

Note that this article is for Mobile Pixels Geminos stacked monitors users. Setting up other stacked monitors is more complicated than setting up the Mobile Pixels version. Also, you need prior knowledge of monitor configuration and technicalities to go about it. However, everything is made simple on the Geminos monitor, and you only need to worry about five easy steps. Here they are:

Step 1—Open the Monitor

The first step is to remove the monitor from the casing from which you have bought it. If you have previously unboxed the monitor, you need not worry about this step. The parts of the Geminos monitor include:

  • The computer itself.
  • A manual.
  • A webcam cover in case you want to cover the monitor’s webcam.
  • A USB-C to USB-A cable with a USB-C adapter.

There are also two USB-C to USB-C cables, two HDMI cables, the AC adapter, and the charger. When it comes out of the box, the monitor is initially folded with the stand, visible at the top.

Step 2—Connect the Monitor

The next step is to connect the monitor to every crucial external source, including the AC adapter connection. There are seven main ports in the Geminos monitor. There’s the headphone port, two sets of USB-C and HDMI, an internet jack port, the power cord port, a built-in SD card reader, and 2 USB-A Ports.

But while all of these might sound like a lot of technical words for a few people, you only need to worry about the AC adapter and the USB for now. Plug the adapter into a quality source of electricity and input the cord through the power cord port. Also, use the provided cable to connect your laptop to the computer using the USB-C or HDMI ports. And there you have it. 

Step 3—Set the Monitor

The following action is to open the computer, switch it on and adjust the display. The Geminos stacked monitor is pre-assembled in a stacked arrangement so that it can be either used as one singular monitor or two separate ones. If you’re using two monitors – ideal for graphic designers – you must choose which would be your main screen and which would be supplementary.

To accomplish this:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and open the Display settings. You can see your second display within the image of the sets.
  2. Start by dragging and dropping your monitor to arrange the display position as desired.
  3. If you have a second monitor below your first one, but it appears on top in the display settings, move the second monitor underneath your primary screen.

Step 4—Set the Resolution

Once you have established the primary and secondary monitors, the following step is to adjust the Resolution. Don’t be concerned. This task is simple to complete. Utilise the steps you took to get to the monitor settings and scroll down until you find Resolution.

The main thing to adjust is the Resolution to get your monitor working correctly. Windows 10 may show a lower resolution than what your display is capable of. Therefore, it’s best to set the Resolution to the Recommended setting or above. You can also change the orientation of your display (portrait or landscape) and adjust multiple collections if you need to extend or duplicate them. Make sure to click on the image of the display you want to change before making any modifications.

Choosing the ‘Make this my main display’ option will, among other things, make programs display on your primary monitor.

Step 5—Design Away

After completing the four steps, you can move on to the exciting part of the set-up: designing. The best way to have your designs laid out is to have the preview at the top and your working canvas at the bottom. This way, you can easily compare the original design with your modifications and ensure they are exactly how you want them. Additionally, you can connect your touchpad or pen to the computer if you prefer working with a touch pen for delicate designs and touch-ups. By laying out your plans this way, you can easily and quickly adjust your design until it looks exactly how you want it.


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