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A Complete Insight on Architectural Photography

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A good picture can tell a story without uttering a word. The art of capturing and processing photos of all kinds of architectural constructions is known as architectural photography. Buildings, malls, apartment complexes, and residential estates are examples of architectural structures.

William Talbot’s photo of a latticed window in 1935 was the cradle of architectural photography. Since then, this art has advanced with technology and architecture to the magnetic discipline we know today.

Why is Architectural Photography Important?

There are a plethora of reasons why architectural photography is essential. They stem from our belief in the saying seeing is believing. The undeniable shift to the virtual world on the internet also influences these reasons.

Firstly, architectural photography assists architects in showcasing their ideas and projects. Photos taken of a building’s model help prospective investors visualize the concept.

Secondly, this art is vital to real estate marketing agencies as they use photos for marketing residential estates. A captivating picture of the apartment is the primary incentive for prospective clients to purchase the condo.

Architectural photography is also essential in passing on knowledge about our architectural history. Photos of ancient buildings like the Roman and Greek arenas are used in history lessons to help us know and appreciate our past.

Finally, architectural photography is a commercial skill for entrepreneurial individuals. Outstanding photos of architectural structures are sold in galleries and museums for display. This is a means of receiving income as a photographer.

These benefits have helped maintain and diversify architectural photography.

The Various Categories of Architectural Photography

In essence, there are two types of architectural photography. However, they are embedded and linked to other photography techniques that create new varieties. Here are the major types of architectural photography.

Exterior architectural photography is one of the main types of architectural photography. As the name suggests, it is taking photos of the external side of construction. This is the most accessible type of architectural photography as it can be done wherever and whenever. It also employs natural light from the sun and moon. Photos of building entrances, rooftops, and side views are examples of exterior architectural photography.

Aerial photography is categorized as exterior architectural photography as it takes photos of the outer part of buildings from an elevated position.

The other primary type of architectural photography is interior photography. These are photos taken from the inside of buildings. These photos could be of walls, roof ceilings, windows, attics, and basements. It is the most preferred type for real estate marketing agencies.

Other types of architectural photography stem from the two types mentioned above.

What Do I Need to Become an Architectural Photographer?

Architectural photography is a discipline that can be commercialized. Like any other discipline, it has some requirements that should be met beforehand. Here are the various things you need to become an architectural photographer.

The skill to operate a camera is the first thing you need to know. This skill is necessary as it will assist you in properly using the camera to capture the best photos. Perfection of this skill requires practice.

A personal collection of photos is also necessary. This is known as a portfolio. It helps you create your brand, as uniqueness is critical in this field. This portfolio can also be used to showcase your work over time.

An individualized style of taking photos is also needed. This means that you should employ your tone of taking pictures. This could be through manipulation of light, angle of photography, position, and photo editing. This uniqueness will raise the bar for your brand.

A collection of the best photography equipment is another need. These include smartphones, digital cameras, tripods, flash, and view cameras. These items will help you capture quality photos and ease the process.

Associating with a professional group of architectural photographers will also sharpen your skills and introduce you to new ideas. This group will also help you in developing your brand and exchange clients.

These are the things you need to become a skilled architectural photographer.

The Steps in Taking Architectural Photos

 The process of taking architectural photos requires patience and precision. This will display the outstanding feature you wish to put across. The following steps will assist you in taking the best architectural photos.

Firstly, note the outstanding features of the building you wish to capture. This will help you focus on your image.

Secondly, walk around the building and identify the perfect spot to place your camera for the best capture angle.

It would be best if you waited for the best lighting conditions to take a photo. Whether the architectural image is interior or exterior, lighting conditions are crucial for visibility.

Finally, take the photo and save it in your gallery.

Extra Tips for Architectural Photography

The following tips will aid you in taking perfect architectural photos.

The first tip is to consider adding a human figure to your photo. This will enable the viewers of the image to relate to the picture. The human element gives the viewer the relative proportion of the building close to that person.

It would be best if you also considered the day’s weather conditions. Depending on the mood you wish to set in the photo’s viewer, the weather dramatically influences it. A dull mood would work best in rainy weather. A sunny day sets a festive mood in the viewer.

Another tip is to take multiple photos of the building. In most cases, the perfect picture is not taken on the first attempt. Taking four to five shots from the same angle will give you several photos.

Finally, always carry your camera around. This is because photography is mostly a spontaneous and impromptu activity. The chance to take an architectural photo may present itself at any time and place. This creates the incentive to carry a camera around.

Parting Shot

Architectural photography is a process that is perfected over time with practice. To sharpen your skills, you can visit architecture photography platforms online to view and purchase photos.


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