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A Complete Guide On Writing An Effective Thesis Statement

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A thesis is an academic paper or document, which a student submits to earn his/her professional qualification or an academic degree. It also has many important parts to it, like a thesis statement. It is essential to write a strong thesis statement as it provides an insight into your entire content and the conclusions you have drawn from your research. Unfortunately, students often struggle with writing one and search the internet for questions that come into their mind like “how to write a good thesis statement?”. Some students even fail to understand the purpose of a thesis statement. 

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is used to identify the research paper topics you are discussing your content, the points you have mentioned, the evidence you gathered from your research, and the conclusions you came to. Thus, it acts as an outline for your entire thesis. In addition, it helps to sum up the central points of your paper. Although it can be just a few lines of text, a thesis statement is important to let your reader know what they will expect from your paper. Students often struggle with writing an effective thesis and look online for an academic expert or a research paper writing guide, that can assist them in their writing. 

Why writing a thesis statement is important?

A thesis statement is a roadmap for your reader. It tells them how they will interpret the subject matter which you have discussed. It tells them what they can expect on reading your paper. It also directly addresses the question asked of you and answers it. You write it to generate the reader’s interest in your content and encourage them to continue reading. Thus, you must write an effective, compelling, and strong thesis statement.

How to write a strong thesis statement?

A thesis statement is usually written at the beginning of your paper, preferably after your first paragraph. It would help if you were careful not to make it too long. It is recommended that you develop your thesis statement only after you have finished writing your paper. In this way, you will have better ideas on framing your statement based on what you have written. Some tips on writing a thesis statement are:

  • Ask yourself if your statement is answering the question asked of you in the paper. In this way, you will be able to frame your sentence much better.
  • Make sure that your statement does not take a stand that others might oppose or challenge. 
  • Make sure that you have written to the point and your sentences answer the question asked of you and back it further.


A thesis is usually one of the most important assignments which students can get and requires utmost care in writing it. Minor errors in your content can lead to your entire thesis getting rejected. Thus, it is important to learn about the structure, format, and different parts of a thesis to develop a flawless piece of writing.


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